Moving Cost Calculator

Moving Cost Calculator: How Much Does It Cost to Move?

How much does it cost to move house? The answer depends on a wide array of factors. To be specific, it depends on how much stuff you have, the distance of the move, the number of removalists, the number of trucks, as well as the size of each truck.
Here, you’ll learn about the costs of moving. You’ll also be able to estimate the costs of your move using our moving cost calculator.

    Moving Cost Calculator

    What are you moving?

    Master Bedroom

    King Bed:
    Queen Bed:
    Single bed:
    Bed side table:
    Dressing table:

    Second Bedroom

    King Bed:
    Queen Bed:
    Single bed:
    Bed side table:
    Dressing table:

    Third Bedroom

    King Bed:
    Queen Bed:
    Single bed:
    Bed side table:
    Dressing table:

    Fourth Bedroom

    King Bed:
    Queen Bed:
    Single bed:
    Bed side table:
    Dressing table:

    Lounge Room

    1 seater lounge:
    2 seater lounge:
    3 seater lounge:
    Oversize lounge:
    Coffee Table:
    Large / plasma TV:
    Small / medium TV:
    TV stand:
    Entertainment unit:
    Stereo system:
    Wall unit:
    Display cabinet:


    Small fridge:
    Medium fridge:
    Large fridge:
    Medium freezer:
    Large freezer:
    Pantry cupboard:
    Kitchen table:
    Kitchen chair:
    Oven / stove top:
    Kitchen tidy:

    Dining/Living Room

    Dining table:
    Dining chairs:
    Buffet / sideboard:
    China cabinet:
    Crystal cabinet:

    Home Bar

    Bar fridge:
    Bar stools:
    Cartons alcohol:


    Play pen:
    High chair:

    Home Office

    Small desk:
    Large desk:
    Desk chair:
    Small filing cabinet:
    Large filing cabinet:
    Book shelf:


    Washing machine:
    Clothes dryer:
    Ironing board:
    Laundry basket:
    Linen closet:
    Vacuum cleaner:
    Sewing machine:
    Sewing cabinet:

    Outdoor/ Plants

    Lawn mover:
    Outdoor table:
    Outdoor chairs:
    Folding chairs:
    Garden bench:
    Tool box:
    Small pot plant:
    Medium pot plant:
    Large pot plant:

    Sports Gear

    Golf Clubs:
    Table tennis table:
    Camping gear:
    Scuba gear:
    Surf board:


    Large luggage:
    Small luggage:
    Large bin:
    Small bin:
    Upright piano:
    Mats and rugs:

    Moving Boxes

    Large boxes:
    Small boxes:

    More details

    What Is the Average Moving Cost?

    The average total cost for a local move could range anywhere from $300 to $3,500. A moving company in Sydney might charge you anywhere from $75 to $300. These prices may or may not include packing supplies and insurance. The exact cost will depend on the services you require and many other factors.

    Often, you’ll find a moving cost calculator at the website of a professional removalist. They’ll take different factors into account, such as the move distance, the number of bedrooms and more. You can use that moving cost calculator to get an estimate of their moving services.

    Using our moving cost calculator, you can also gauge how much your move will cost. Whether you’re doing a local or interstate move, you can gain reliable estimates of the cost of your move. You’ll get a moving quote from a number of companies in the area.

    Local move

    Say, you want small items of furniture removed from a 1-bedroom unit. The price of two movers could be $135 per hour. On the bright side, the removal service will take only about two or three hours. For a small house with 3 bedrooms, using three movers will cost you about $195. You’ll be done in three to five hours.

    A large family house with 5 bedrooms will require more movers. Thus, the hourly price will be higher, too. With five movers, the hourly rate could be about $315. The entire move will be a seven- to nine-hour job.

    On Sundays, as well as public holidays, the removalist cost could be 15% higher than on the weekdays. Hiring an extra pair of hands might cost you $40.

    Interstate move

    For an interstate move, hiring a professional mover will make the experience less painful and taxing, but their services will come at a significantly higher price. Instead of charging at an hourly rate, they’ll charge you based on factors like distance, the weight of your belongings and additional services.

    Let’s say you’re moving from Sydney to Melbourne. The move cost of a 3-bedroom apartment will range from $3,500 to $5,000. Aside from removal service, that rate includes insurance, boxes, bubble wrap and other packing supplies.

    What Affects Your Moving Cost?

    Some removalists will charge a flat fee. Whatever quote they’ll provide, it’ll be the exact cost of the move. This makes budgeting so much easier for you. Most companies have time-based rates. If you can get the job done faster than scheduled, you can save a lot of money. However, the costs might go up if something unexpected comes up.

    Below, you’ll find some of the factors that affect the costs of moving.

    Move size

    The biggest factor that affects the moving cost is the move size. That’s because it determines the size of the trucks, the number of movers involved, as well as the length of time it takes to accomplish.

    Moving date

    If you have the luxury of time, you might want to carefully think about your moving date and schedule it in advance because it might affect the prices of moving services. Depending on the weather and season, it might lead to additional charges, especially if you’re paying movers at an hourly rate for their service.

    Sometimes, a removalist will raise their prices to match the demand. They’ll charge at a higher price during busier times, such as weekends, the last week of the month and public holidays. If you’re hoping to cut costs, you can schedule your move during off-peak periods.

    Removalist cost

    Full-service moves involve higher costs. However, it frees you from the heavy-lifting and the stress of the moving process.
    If you’re looking for professional moving co
    mpanies, their basic services will most likely involve everything from loading your furniture into the truck and transporting them to your new home to placing them into their respective rooms.

    Some movers have additional services, but they will charge you extra for them. For instance, they might offer packing and unpacking services. They might also offer storage space for short- and long-term use.

    Removal costs also vary per state. In Sydney, for example, a fully insured mover might charge you $125 per hour for a 1-bedroom apartment.

    Moving insurance

    If you’re looking to hire professional removalists, you can ask for their insurance options. These companies usually offer different levels of protection against damages and loss. Make sure to inquire about the insurance options of the companies you’re looking into. Usually, a moving company will offer three types of protection: limited liability, added valuation and full value.

    You may purchase additional moving insurance from a third-party company if you think the insurance coverage doesn’t cover everything you need.

    Distance of the move

    A long-distance move will come with expensive fees. In general, the longer the distance from your current house to your new home, the higher the cost.

    Packing costs

    By hiring a full-service moving company, you won’t have to make countless trips to the store for boxes, bubble wrap and tape. These professional removalists can supply everything you need, including additional padding for extra security during the move.

    However, if you didn’t hire them to pack your belongings, then you’ll have to think about the costs of the boxes, tape and more. Plus, you’ll have to pack everything yourself.

    Level of service

    Your removalist may charge extra for any difficulties they encounter along the way, such as packing a coffee table that requires special care. If that heavy table and other furniture pieces need to be carried across a narrow hallway or flights of stairs, then your mover might add that to the cost of the job.

    Storage fees

    As mentioned, some moving companies offer storage options. You can look into them if you want. You can also go for self-storage rentals from third-party providers.

    The costs might depend on the size, the location and the rental duration. In Sydney, the average price of a medium-sized storage container is $317. In Melbourne, you can expect the same rate.

    Travel and accommodation fees

    For long-distance moves, you have to consider travel and accommodation fees. If you’re from Sydney and you’re moving to Melbourne, you need to think about how you’re going to travel. Driving there will take about eight to nine hours. If you have kids around, you might want to make a few stops to sightsee and perhaps rest.

    You can cut travel time if you fly to Melbourne. However, plane tickets are going to cost a lot more. On top of that, you might have to stay at a hotel while you wait for your belongings to arrive.

    How to Calculate Moving Costs

    You can take the guesswork out by using our moving cost calculator. It is a simple and straightforward tool that gives you reliable estimates for removals.

    Our moving cost calculator can take different factors into consideration, including the number of bedrooms, distance, packing services and more. You just have to enter the details of your move on the moving calculator to get a quote.

    The moving costs will vary per removalist. Make sure to get quotes from different companies so that you can get a clear picture of what moving costs are like.

    Take note that not all removal services are made equal. While the cost of removals is important, you should also consider the quality of the service you’re spending on. You can start by creating a list. If you find a removalist you like, you can check if they’re a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association. Once you’ve verified their details, you can read reviews online and use a calculator to get an accurate cost estimate.

    More importantly, you should get in touch with the moving companies that you like. Ask any questions about their services and anything related to your move so that you can fully understand what you’re getting into.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to move?

    The cost of an interstate move will be significantly higher than a local one. For a long-distance move, the average total price can range from $3,500 to $5,000. If you’re moving within the same city, the move will cost anywhere from $75 to $300 for an hour’s worth of work.

    Do professional movers provide packing boxes?

    A mover that provides a flat fee might provide you with the packing supplies you need such as boxes and tape. They’ll most likely have other safety measures to keep the items secure inside the truck.

    For time-based removals, packing supplies and services might not be included in their basic moving services. You’ll have to do the job yourself, while the mover will pick up and drop off the items at your new home. If you don’t have the time to get all the supplies and pack your own stuff, you’ll have to ask for their packing services.

    Should I help the moving company?

    Professional movers are experienced and knowledgeable about the entire moving process. Their goal is to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible without you having to lift that heavy coffee table. If your mover is charging a time-based rate, you might want to help in any way you can to speed things up and save money.

    For example, you can reduce the weight of your belongings by giving some away, particularly ones that you no longer need. This might even decrease the size of the moving truck.

    Also, you can pack smaller items ahead of time, such as kitchenware, clothing, bedding and all of your valuables. You can leave the heavy lifting to your moving company. By doing this, you might be able to reduce the number of workers for the moving job.

    Just remember that removalists have company policies, which protect you and the crew from needless injuries and liabilities. It’s best if you ask and coordinate with the professional movers before doing anything.

    How do removalists calculate their service cost?

    For local moves, professional movers may charge you per hour or half hour. Some might even charge you in 15-minute increments. Based on more or less the same factors we’ve mentioned, they’ll give you an estimate.

    Using a cost calculator, you can gauge the average cost of removals. You can enter specific details such as the size of the house, the bedroom numbers, the date and the distance of the move to get estimates from different companies.

    When is the best time to move?

    The best time to move will vary per person or family. If you have kids, you should schedule your moving date around the holidays to ensure they don’t miss school. You can, for instance, organise your move around the summer so that the kids can enter a new school during a fresh term. One of the downsides to scheduling a move during the summer is that these are busier times of the year, especially for movers. Thus, you might be able to save more money if you move during the fall.

    No matter where you’re moving, you need to think about seasonal and weather conditions because these can disrupt your home removal plans. If you have the luxury to plan ahead, you should seize that opportunity.

    Will the moving company cover any damage or loss during my move?

    If the movers aren’t directly responsible for the damage or loss of your belongings, then your compensation might be low or nothing at all. For this reason, you shouldn’t rely entirely on the removalist. Consider getting insurance from a third-party company too.