Need some Furniture Removalists to do a small job in Sydney?

Need some Furniture Removalists to do a small job in Sydney?

Looking for a smaller house or office moving and need the cheapest possible rates for furniture removalists ?

Are you looking to move a few items of furniture or small goods in the Sydney metropolitan area and don’t want to spend a truckload of money on this?

Our professional removal teams at Sydney Moving are introducing a new small moving service in Sydney. We will do the job for you using our SUVs and MiniVans that way you won’t have to pay the full amount of a full house or office removal service.


The SUV and MiniVan removalist jobs are carried out by one of our professional removalists,


you can save up to 50 % vs. normal rates! Our goal is to help you with everyday issues, such as scheduled deliveries or picking up an ebay purchase.Instead of being overcharged on a small job, think smart and ring us for a free quote 0425705050 or email us Our charges are based on time and distance, if the job is longer than our minimum 2 hour charge we break the time down to 15 minutes on SUV and MiniVan services. We can deliver many household goods via this service, such as:

Refrigerators ( we will ask about the measurements or model ) we have 7 years of experience in the white goods industry )

  • Mattresses
  • Boxes
  • Carpets
  • Dryers
  • Instruments
  • Art works
  • Bicycles
  • Electronic devices ( TV, Computer, etc. )
  • Smaller items of furniture
  • Mirrors


Please note there are  limits on weight and size so when you ask for a quote please have the measurements, brand and model ( if available on the item) details ready. Also, if you pack boxes and you have fragile goods inside please advise the removalist on site or one of our representatives over the phone about it.


Sydney Moving can also help to pack your boxes quickly before the delivery, if you need this service, please  let us know in advance soto reduce the risk of delay in our schedule.


We can  also supply packing materials:


  1. Boxes ( 3 sizes )
  2. Tape rolls
  3. Wrapping paper ( for fragile kitchen goods )
  4. Blankets ( free of charge )
  5. Bubble wrap for pictures  / glass / or fragile furniture
  6. Bubble craft roll for canvas items
  7. Mattress covers


We can send you a price list for these materials and rental is also available.

Distance is no problem for us – we work with these minivans and SUVs throughout the entire Sydney Metropolitan area. We can drive as far as Penrith, Bondi Beach, Wollongong and Newcastle. For further destinations an extra return fee may apply. the SUV’s and vans are for smaller loads to metropolitan areas only. Interstate removals are serviced by our larger trucks and are quoted accordingly.Sydney Moving is happy to assist you with storage related requests as well as overnight storing in truck requests.


We can assure you of our 5 star service quality. However, before choosing a transport company we always recommend that you do your own research, at least check out other companies and reviews. Here, Google reviews will give you an idea about other people’s experiences. A tip – if a lot of people complain about similar things that usually indicates that there are common issues in customer service.


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