Interstate Removals to and from NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT

Interstate Removals to & from NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT

Interstate removals requires serious preparation and commitment in order to get the job done properly. Although there are many similarities to a local move, the vast distances between major Australian cities places emphasis on the customer and moving company to ‘do it once, and do it right’. Turning back to collect something isn’t an option when you are hundreds of kilometres away from home.

In most cases a professional moving company should be hired for interstate removals. Considerations of safety, insurance, storage and many other factors lead most people to employ experienced removalists for the task.

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Interstate removals cost

Price is generally the first consideration and Sydney Moving aims to provide an accurate quote based on your individual requirements. In addition. Coordination with other moves also provides the option for backloading rates where the customer is only charged according to the amount of space used in the truck.

Shopping around for the best deal is part of the process. Service, quality, company reputation and your individual circumstances are all important details, so a comprehensive quote is crucial prior to making a decision. Sydney Moving provides additional options of a fixed rate or door-to-door hourly rate. This solutions-based approach is designed to facilitate customer satisfaction, and when all is considered, professional movers are the cost-effective option.


Selecting the right interstate removals company

Interstate moves are a two-way street where the customer and removalist work together to achieve timely and satisfactory outcomes. In order to get a realistic quote your chosen mover needs accurate information regarding the job. Sydney Moving ensures both customer and removalist are on the same page by providing a comprehensive service and open communications from day one. A smooth move involves teamwork at every stage.

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Interstate removals considerations 

A major move entails a coordinated effort requiring the right skill-set. Every stage of the move requires consideration, especially if you are transporting valuable, fragile and large possessions. Not everyone has the right mind-set for multi-tasking, so removalist companies employ experts in various fields related to the move. The strong removalists, although essential, are just part of the team involved in a successful interstate move. Prior to the move there is plenty that can be done at zero cost that will make the move easy.


Insurance for interstate removals: Safe and secure transportation of goods is a goal that is almost always achieved, but as with anything in life, accidents can happen and things can go wrong. Insurance is recommended for peace of mind while your possessions are loaded, in transit and unloaded at the new residence or designated storage facility.

Packing for the move: Packing can be frustrating and bewildering for the inexperienced. Your move should be an adventure and not a chore, so Sydney Moving can assist with a packing check-list and other resources to help get your head around the task. Finding time to pack between work, family and other responsibilities can be daunting, so it’s suggested that packing for larger moves begins several weeks before the big day. Alternatively, Sydney Moving can do the packing and unpacking for you; it will cost more but stress will be averted and time saved. Packing tips include:

  • Use clothing, towels and bedding to wrap and protect fragile and expensive items
  • Suitcases, bags and backpacks can replace boxes for packing some items
  • Electronic equipment and accessories should be labelled for an easy unpack and re-assembly


Moving pets: If your family includes pets you may need to invest in pet-moving crates, harnesses or restraints. Long distance journeys can be unsettling for everyone, and pets will require food, water and exercise breaks during the move. It’s important to make sure the trip isn’t too rushed or disorganised as unruly pets can make driving dangerous for everyone.

Keeping in touch: Being on the road doesn’t mean being out of touch. It’s good practice to keep contact details of the removal company office, removals driver and real estate agents or landlords to make sure everything is progressing according to plan.

De-cluttering for an interstate move: You don’t have to take everything with you. Some furniture items and possessions may not suit your new residence. Moving can be a great time to re-evaluate accumulated possessions, possibly downsize, and save money on moving costs. A garage sale prior to moving might even go a long way toward covering the cost of moving.

Communicating the move: Informing friends and family of the move is only part of the job. Service providers, government agencies, banks and other organisations also need to know your address or whereabouts. Your details are required by many agencies, including: 

  • Electricity, water and gas suppliers
  • Banks
  • Phone and communications providers
  • Postal services
  • Vehicle licensing and registration authorities
  • Insurance companies
  • Automobile associations
  • Social and sporting clubs
  • Professional organisations

 interstate removals in VIC

Interstate removals timelines

Australia is a huge country and interstate removals usually take several days. Ensuring safe transportation is best done with the assistance of reputable movers using experienced staff. We move fast and safely. Every move is different, but some approximations are given below.


Sydney to Brisbane (either direction): 1 to 3 days920 km

Return driving time is approximately 2 days. Loading and unloading the truck takes around 4 hours. We take the fastest and most direct route from point A to B. Additional time is required for delivering excess belongings to a storage facility. Nearby cities such as Ipswich and Toowoomba require additional driving time.

Sydney to Gold Coast (either direction): 1 – 3 days855 km

Return driving time is approximately 2 days. Loading and unloading the truck takes around 4 hours unless there is more than one pick up or drop off location. We ensure that Sydney Moving representatives are available to call at all times. We drive directly up or down the Pacific Highway, although backloading will require additional time, as will driving to some coastal and hinterland areas.


Sydney to Melbourne (either direction): 1 – 3 days – 876 km

Return driving time is approximately 2 days. Loading and unloading the truck takes around 4 hours. As Sydney and Melbourne are both large and expansive cities the driving time can vary according to location. The fastest route is taken. Money can be saved if you are sharing the truck space with other household lots to be delivered en route.


Sydney to Canberra (either direction): 1 – 2 days – 286 km

Return driving time is approximately 1 day. Loading and unloading the truck takes around 4 hours. The Hume Highway between Sydney and Canberra generally makes for a fast journey. Our service includes phone contact with representatives, drivers, and the depot during the move.

There are several considerations related to the moving timeline. For example, a smaller truck containing only your possessions will generally make the journey faster than a backloading scenario involving several house-lots to be delivered at various locations. Sydney Moving are on hand to answer all questions regarding your move, with safety and customer satisfaction pivotal to our success.