How to Detect and Avoid Bondi House Removal Scams

How to Detect and Avoid Bondi House Removal Scams

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Removalist scams are everyone’s nightmare when moving. There are lots of Bondi house removal companies claiming to offer quality removalist services. However, a high number of them are out there to extort money from potential clients.

Can removalist scams be avoided?

Yes, if you can detect them. Detecting a scam is not easy. Before you hire an Eastern Suburb Removalist, make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate house removal. The internet is the best place to find the best house removalists near me. However, there are lots of frauds and scams online. Here are a few suggestions on how to detect and avoid house removal scammers.

Check on legitimacy 

When searching online, you need to check on whether you are dealing with a legit website. First, does the site provide location and contact details? From the About Us page, you can determine a legit from a fake site. If you find a red flag, you need to avoid the site altogether.

Check on reviews

Some sites provide a platform to review house removal companies in Bondi. From these reviews, you can learn of the scams and the legit removal companies. You can rely on these reviews as they are from reliable clients. Choose a removalist with positive reviews from past clients.

Check on testimonials 

This is an effective way to learn more about a removalist. An honest removalist will accept testimonials from their clients. By reading these testimonials, you can determine whether the Bondi house removal services offered meet your standard.

How long has the removalist been in business?

You can avoid scams by hiring experienced removalists. This does not mean that there are no honest upcoming removalists. However, the study shows that most scams lie on experience.

Take your time before choosing a removalist near me. How long has it been in business? Most of these companies will share their year of establishment and what they have achieved.

Arrange for a visit

You can ask for an appointment. Visiting the removalist company will remove any doubts about is existence. Moreover, you will confirm the companies truck sizes and conditions. By looking at the trucks, you can determine how your possession will be treated.

Beware of large deposit requirements

Think twice before you pay any deposit. A reliable removalist will ask for a small deposit. Be wary of a company that asks for a large amount of cash. Don’t be quick to send some money. Usually, this should be the last step after determining the legitimacy of the removalist.


Finally, what would happen in case of loss or damage? Thousands of people have lost their valuables to fake removalists. Get the best Bondi house removal services by choosing a licensed and insured removalist.

These are great tips when searching for a house removalist. Hiring the best removalist can be tricky. However, with these tips, you are assured of a finding trusted and experienced house removalist. Make sure that you discuss the cost of hiring to find cheap Bondi house removals services.

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