A Few Sydney Storage Tips - Storage Solutions Sydney

A Few Sydney Storage Tips – Storage Solutions Sydney

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Storage Unit Sydney

In our vivid city we have heaps of storage unit s to choose of. Most people would choose the first storage unit in Sydney what they come across on. Sometimes it is not a bad idea to phone up a few storages in your local area just to compare their prices.

Travelling overseas

Travellers often vote for storage places in Sydney. While they are away it is completely pointless to pay high rents in this town. Their houses or apartments can be sub-leased or rented out to other people during this time. To find a reliable and cheap storage place is not an easy task. We at Sydney Moving glad to help our customers not just with the furniture removalist job, but to find you the best price storage unit as well. Sometimes you have to go further from the city of Sydney to find better prices in the storage business.



Trying to save some money for the next life event? Sometimes downsizing is a great idea in Sydney. The only problem with moving into a smaller place is the leftover furniture. These valuable pieces could be important some other time so store the ones that are close to your heart. The solution will be long term storage service in Sydney. At this stage we recommend to go a little further maybe 40 minutes away from the city to reduce the storage prices to the minimum. Sydney Moving will help you to find the best for the lowest prices.


Heritage Furniture

We cannot just fit everything into our house, when it comes to heritage I often select what I really need and store the rest in commercial storage units in Sydney. I have never been a fan of putting too much into my living area. Although I will not sell these particular pieces as they mean a lot to me. The best solution is to contact Sydney Moving to find out what is on offer. We can find you the cheapest and most reliable solution for your problem. Storage unit services in Sydney offer you a huge variety of sizes and layouts.

Packing furniture for storage

Sydney Moving takes special care of these items that need to go in storage unit for either longer or shorter time period. You need to make sure these goods are appropriately wrapped and handled.

Even if you have to pay for these wrapping materials a few dollars at the packing, you still better than saving on this and having your furniture ruined in the storage unit.

  • Plastic bubble wrap for furniture that you do not want to have dust on.
  • Bubble craft is suitable for art pieces where the humidity can be a big problem. This will be the best solution for your canvas paintings.
  • Soft wrapping materials or Wrapping foil will be the best materials for leather kind materials to protect these from the potential scratches.
  • Wrapping paper will be the best partner for porcelains and other fragile pieces that you want to place in boxes

Heavy or bulky items storage

When it comes to storing heavy items like:

  • Safe
  • Aquarium
  • Pool Table
  • Piano
  • Grand Piano
  • Heavy Pots for Plants
  • Heavy Statues

the best you can do is to rent a ground floor storage unit in Sydney for these heavy pieces. It is not impossible to move them around as professional removalists must have special equipments such as dolleys, trolleys, and other custom made stuffs.

If you have any questions or enquires please do not hesitate to call us on 04 25 70 50 50 or 02 95 22 50 50 alternatively click here to contact us via email. Sydney Moving will be always ready to give you the best solution for your furniture removalists matter.

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