9 Great Tips on How to Prepare For a House Move

9 Great Tips on How to Prepare For a House Move

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9Are you set to relocate to another city? Nobody looks forward to moving all their belongings from a point to another! There is a lot you must do. From picking out the best removal company to cleaning up the new space and packing up all your stuff, how do you cope with all this stress?

Join us as we take you through an elaborate way of planning for a move from your house. We bring you 9 great tips for preparing for a move from the best Double Bay Movers. Check them out!

1. Start Off Early

Most times it’s difficult for you to finish off the entire packing process within your stipulated time frame. Depending on the size of your house, you would need over a month to completely gather all your belongings together for a move.

It’s important you start packing your stuff early enough. If you are moving in two months time, you can start now to pack your stuff and get them ready for the move.

2. Pack Items You Don’t Need First

To enable you to start off the packing process early, you must begin with items you least need in your home. It’s best you start off with items you don’t use daily to avoid going back and forth with the packing process. You can start with seasonal items like Christmas and Halloween decorations, summer dresses and beach towels, garden and farm tools.

3. Stay Organized By Packing a Room at a Time

Avoid confusing the entire process by packing your items irregularly. Start off with one room at a time and carefully label each box according to the rooms. This way you will not only be organized but will make the loading and unpacking process easier for you.

4. Sale Off or Give out Old and Unwanted Items

One of the peeks of moving out is that you get to discard old and unwanted items. You can set up garage sales and make some money off these items or you can give them off to charity.

If you have friends or neighbors that are helping you pack your stuff then you should consider telling them to check out the stuff before you sell or give them out as a gift for helping you pack.

5. Have a Weight Limit for Your Boxes

While you fill up every available box with your items, make sure you have a maximum weight limit of 25 kg. for each box. Exceeding the weight limit of the package boxes will not only cause the boxes to break down before they get to their destination, but you also stand a risk of damaging the items packed inside. The best Double Bay movers can handle heavy lifting up to 400 kg in case if you have something bulky.

You can avoid this by packing heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.

6. Never Leave Gaps inside the Box

When you have packed your items inside a box and can still see empty gaps, it is advised you fill them up with old rags, used new papers or even packing paper. This will help fit the item inside tightly and prevent them from wobbling inside the box.

7. Label Each Box Correctly

This is the most important aspect of packaging your belongings. After packing up a box, write the content on the box using a clear marker. It’s best you write on the sides of the boxes rather than the top for easy recognition when they are stacked.

Use different bright colors and dedicate each color to a room for easy identification when you unpack in your new location.

8. Always Pack Heavier Boxes below Lightboxes

This is a general thumb rule for stacking boxes. Always remember to put heavy boxes below lightweight boxes. This would ensure that the heavy items in the heavier boxes do not crush the items in the lighter boxes.

You can do when moving furniture, machinery, home equipment, and other heavy items.

9. Hire a Professional Mover

After packing and getting ready for a move, the final piece of the puzzle is to get professionals to help you with the process of loading, moving, unloading and unpacking your belongings.

It’s always advisable to hire professional home movers with adequate experience and equipment to move your belongings. We are the best Double Bay Movers and we will effectively handle your moving process to your maximum satisfaction. 

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