Tips Before Looking For The Best Office Removalist in Sydney

Tips Before Looking For The Best Office Removalist in Sydney

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Moving into a new office? There is a lot you need to wrap your hands around before your final move. A professional office removalist will handle most of the moving process, but you need to organize your space and furniture to ensure a smooth operation.

There are things you need to put in place before the arrival of your professional office removalist. In this informative piece, we will take you through the process of strategically organizing your office for a big move.

1. Clean Out Your Furniture

Cleaning out your furniture is the most challenging part of preparing for an office move, and the most important too. Clean out every desk, drawers and file cabinet to ensure your furniture are free for smooth movement.

Leaving out stuff on your furniture will add extra weight which would increase the risk of damage or injury to the furniture removalists. You can choose to allow your office removalist to handle this task, but you would have to pay extra charges for their time.

Tip:You can clear out old paperwork that you don’t have to move to your new place as you clean up your draw, killing two birds with just one stone.

2. Disassemble Your Furniture

Here is another crucial step that would cut down the cost of moving your office. You can set up a team amongst your staffs and have the guys disassemble the furniture. They can start by unbolting joined desks, shelves, dividers, and drawers.

Get a multi-purpose toolbox to aid this process and ensure they don’t lose essential pieces like screws and bolts. You can get a regular plastic bag for small furniture fixtures. Tag them to the furniture using masking tape.

It’s important you don’t lose any screw, so don’t comprise the whole process when you finally get to your new location.

3. Label Thoroughly

To save you the strength and energy of figuring out where the files will fit into, label every cabinet carefully and mark the corresponding boxes with the files for each cabinet.

Also, label big furniture pieces to help direct the movers on the exact spots you want them placed in the new location. You should also label the dissembled furniture parts to help your movers figure out each piece correctly when they get them to the new site.

4. Draw up A Floor Plan

If you can’t afford to hire an interior designer to help you organize your new space, you will have to DIY. Your floor plan should have a detailed sketch on where you want to place your desks, cabinets and every other piece of furniture in your new space. With a program, your movers will know exactly where to set every item, saving you the stress of micro-managing their activities and money for the extra charges.

5. Hire the Right Professionals

It would interest to know that not every mover can handle office relocation. Most commercial movers have little or no experience with moving office furniture and important office documents. It’s best to trust your business with the right professionals.

Hiring the services of a professional office removalist will save you time, money and stress involved in relocating your office. Office Removalists have the right training and experience to handle all types of office relocation.

Bottom Line

Moving into a new office space can be exhausting, but with the right professionals, your move will be stress-free. Contact us today for professional office removalist services in Sydney and let’s take the stress of moving into your dream office off you.

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