What Women Want in a Home

What Women Want in a Home

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In order to facilitate the needs of women, housing industry analysts attempt to determine the most appealing features of a home. According to statistics, women are a significant influence in more than 90% of new home purchases. Most women look for functionality, such as ease of cleaning or the location of the laundry, but there are also innate emotional needs that require fulfilling, such as interior design aesthetics. Men, on the other hand are more prone to be swayed by the space and dimensions of a home, conceiving of ways he can renovate or improve the dwelling.

Closet space

According to real estate experts, after first inspecting the kitchen, women head for the bedroom to determine the size of closet space. They want a home that assists with management of the household accumulation of belongings. Women want storage space, and lots of it. If this includes a very large walk-in closet, all the better. Many trendy open plan homes have few interior walls, and may look great when sparsely decorated, but have few storage areas. Women often juggle work and housekeeping and require places to put all the stuff that is dropped around the house.


The right location

Most women care more about the location of the home than the size. If it has character and is quirky or quaint it may just fulfil a woman’s dreams more than a mega-mansion could. Location is especially important for working mums who are trying to juggle their work, schooling and shopping with the least amount of inconvenience possible. The right location equals convenience for many women who are constantly on the go.

Safety and security

Feeling safe in ones own home is essential for everyone, and is especially taken into consideration by women. Concerns regarding safety and security can be a deal breaker in real estate. Single women are especially concerned about security, and may opt for a top floor apartment with underground parking rather than a showy ground floor residence. Mothers are also vigilant regarding child safety and any potential danger in the local area will be taken into serious consideration.


The need for a large space in the home may seem selfish at first glance, but the reality is that women envisage a home that is based around sharing and socialising with family and friends. Whether it is an open kitchen/dining area for sharing a banquet, or a cosy fireplace corner for enjoying nibbles, women appreciate the social aspect of a welcoming home environment. Whereas men investigate the yard as a place to socialise, women inspect a property’s interior.


Women consistently agree that low-maintenance holds key appeal in a home. Most women love an attractive garden but don’t have the time for spending hours in the yard, and often prefer no-fuss landscaping with an easy-care house exterior. Perennial discussions about which family member does household chores is stressful enough, and becomes exacerbated when the woman finds herself taking up the slack of her partner or children.

A double garage

Most women prefer a two-car garage even if they are a one car family. A double garage is the perfect place to store extra furnishings, camping and outdoor gear, and literally anything that would otherwise clutter up the interior household. It can also double as a man’s den in lieu of a dedicated man-cave. Storing stuff in the garage, especially tools and garden implements, makes cleaning the house a much easier endeavour.

A home-makers kitchen

Both women and men appreciate a great kitchen. According to studies, a third of home buyers consider the kitchen the most important feature in the home. Women appreciate space for dining, entertaining, hanging out, and even study or using computers. Couples are cooking together these days more than every before, and spending time together in the kitchen is a great way to rekindle the flame in the relationship in more ways than one.

A functional layout

Women will quickly notice the practicalities of house design. They want their life inside the home to flow smoothly. This means there should be sufficient electrical outlets anywhere they may be needed. Other functional desires include energy-efficiency and weather resistance. Simple accessories such as a row of coat hooks and place to put keys and mail when first entering the home are also appreciated.

As the saying goes, a woman’s home is her castle, and who wouldn’t want to live with a princess.

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