Why "Do It Yourself" May Not Be That Easy After All

Why “Do It Yourself” May Not Be That Easy After All – and Why You Still Need Professionals for Renovation Work

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Home improvement shows you watch on Australian TV or the Internet may seem rosy and packed with easy-to-implement “Do It Yourself” tips and all, but the reality often is far from the word “easy”. The thing is, there is a disconnect between TV-made, fiction-ready reality shows and what home improvement professionals face every day in Sydney and all over Australia. DIY tips may be detached from real life thanks to what experts call “TV pizzazz”, cost misstatement, the fact that show producers don’t know a thing or two about home improvement, and the “rosy” show format.

TV Pizzazz
Larry L., a Sydney-based removalist and expert in home improvement, says that TV pizzazz often distorts the truth and lets viewers think that home renovation is an easy process. TV pizzazz refers to procedures, tricks, tactics and other promotional content surrounding a home improvement show, all of which collectively make a show appealing and help the broadcast station win advertising accolades and make money. Think about it; how else would the station be able to generate revenue if it didn’t make its show alluring to you, the viewer?

You’re not a Professional
Remember, most viewers are not home improvement professionals. So even if a DIY tip were easy to implement, you, as a non-professional, still would face some difficulty implementing the tip. The several years that renovation professionals—and expert removalists, for that matter—spent honing their skills really matter, and you are not going to learn the tricks of the trade in a 45-minute show. This is why Larry L., the expert in removals, recommends you always talk to a specialist to take all the “fluff” out of what actually is said on TV and to understand what it takes to complete your renovation work.

“Rosy” Show Format
Don’t mistake the “rosy” show format with TV pizzazz. The former aims to present home improvement in a bright light and make viewers feel good; the latter attempts to generate buzz and excitement around the show in order to increase audience ratings and advertising fees. So don’t be surprised if a home improvement show makes you feel “empowered” to get things done yourself, even if you know you are not proficient in everything related to home improvement.

Cost Misstatements
Cost misstatement—meaning a TV show alludes to lower or higher home renovation expenses—is another thing that makes it impossible to achieve your renovation project on your own. For example, the cost quoted on the TV show may be lower because the service provider sees a fantastic promotional opportunity in appearing on the show. Alternatively, the provider may charge up the prices to cover the higher marketing costs linked to appearing on the show.

Bottom Line
Always talk to a home renovation specialist before embarking on any project, regardless of your budget or goals. That way, you take the hype out of TV-driven DIY tips and can see clearly what’s needed to make your improvement initiative a success.

By Corey K (follow me on Google Plus)

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