Which Moving Company is the Cheapest?

Which Moving Company is the Cheapest?

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Everyone wants value for money, bang for their buck, and the best price available. Moving to a new home or office is no exception, and customers are easily swayed by price considerations alone. However, moving is a major procedure involving valuable possessions placed in the hands of complete strangers, and the personal and emotional cost of moving should also be valued highly.

Initial considerations

If you are moving house, you naturally want to save money, but savings come in other ways also. What about saving time? After all, time is money for a working person, and a delayed or bungled move can waste a heck of a lot of time.


How highly do you value your possessions? After years of collecting valuable furnishings and household goods, it doesn’t feel quite right to use only price as a moving gauge. Your mover should provide upmost care and a high level of certainty that your goods will arrive safely and on time.


And at what price do we value peace of mind? A good deal of investigation should go into choosing the right moving company. It’s not very fulfilling to pat yourself on the back for a low-price deal only to send your belongings off in a battered rental truck with a stick-on moving company sign. Rather than instinctively searching for the cheapest move, it could be wiser to find the company that provides best value for money.


Avoiding scammers

Nobody likes to get scammed, and there are a range of ways to investigate the service history and standards of moving companies. It’s important to sort out the reputable businesses from fly-by-night cowboys looking to take you and your belongings for a ride. A temptingly low estimate could be too good to be true, especially if it isn’t backed up with adequate and signed documentation. Without a proper contract, shonkey movers can just as easily jack the price up once they have your belongings held hostage in the moving truck.


Choosing a reputable mover

For most people, unless they are moving interstate, a medium sized moving company will fit the bill nicely. Reliable removalist companies have ample trucks and strong men available to do the job when you need it done. They have a highly regarded long-term service history around Sydney, and take pride in their work.  These moving companies will come to your residence or workplace, evaluate your possessions and provide an accurate quote.


Your investigation of the merits of moving companies should involve more than just a quick face-to-face hello. Other information you might find useful will include:

Full company name and any other affiliated businesses

  • Company address
  • Phone numbers: office, mobile, toll-free
  • How long the moving company has been in businesses
  • Company web site
  • Email addresses
  • Investigate references


Pitch in and save money

As mentioned earlier, time is money, and this is equally applicable for the mover as it is for yourself. Whatever help you provide in the packing, loading and unloading will lessen the amount of time the movers need to do the job, ultimately saving you money. However, heavy lifting is best left to the professionals and their moving equipment. The more goods you can pack, itemise and tape securely, the better. It’s surprising how many people are willing to spend hard-earned money watching movers collect light-weight stuffed toys and assorted nick-nacks that have been left scattered around the house.


If you have older kids or local friends, why not make a day of the moving experience by providing them with pizza and fizzy drinks while they help to box up belongings. You can even reward them with a small gift or celebratory drink when you move into your new home.


When all is said and done, the lowest price is certainly no guarantee of satisfaction and in some cases could be a red flag worth heeding. Customer satisfaction is the goal of Sydney Moving professionals, and the reason for competitive rates and the best possible service. Moving can be stressful, and for many customers the cheapest (best value) moving company is the one that provides the most convenient service and delivers peace of mind.

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