Which Moving Companies Are The Best?

Which Moving Companies Are The Best?

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Not all moving companies are created equally. Australians move often, and unfortunately there are scammers out there who are only too willing to take advantage of gullible victims. As a customer, you are placing your belongings and accumulated treasures in the hands of complete strangers during the move, so it’s important to get the best service as well as the best price. A good mover should be personable, competitively priced, and have the know-how to make sure your move is a smooth operation.


If you are researching the relative merits of various moving companies, there are plenty of things apart from price to consider. Anyone who has previously taken part in a move will understand just how difficult and time consuming the job can be, along with the steps that can be taken to make the move a whole lot easier.

Trained workers

Reputable moving companies only hire the best people for the job. This means brains as well as brawn. Brute strength is invaluable for lifting heavy items, but is even more useful when coupled with expertise and experience in moving house-loads and offices.


A trained moving team should include a team leader with the expertise to coordinate and oversee the entire move. He (or she) will have years of experience and successfully undertaken hundreds, if not thousands of moves. The team leader is the most important contact during moving day, and will be on the job, accessible, and capable of getting the most out of his (her) workers.


All removalists will learn the art of wrapping, packing, and loading every item in your house. They must know how to manoeuvre white-goods, china cabinets full of precious mementos, and even a grand piano. They are also trained to recognise obstacles or hazards in the move, avoid dangerous situations, and provide solutions encountered with difficult or narrow access. A trained removalist will also understand the order of loading the truck for maximum space utility, avoiding unnecessary trips back and forth between your old and new residence.


Quality equipment

As with any job, the right equipment is essential to do the job properly. Many people expect to save money by doing the move themselves to save money, but they take the risk of making mistakes that will cost more in the long run. Moving vehicles are specially built and equipped for the task, and are often completely different to trucks provided by regular vehicle rental companies. Removalists also provide moving accessories and equipment to make the job a whole lot easier, saving time and avoiding possible injury.


Professional moving companies provide:

  • a fully enclosed truck
  • interior framework designed for tying and securing furniture and belongings
  • special trolleys for lifting heavy items
  • soft felt or blankets for wrapping furniture
  • stronger materials for wrapping hardware, etc.
  • loading ramps
  • straps and ties for securing everything


Customer friendly

A good working relationship is essential in any business. Experts provide the personal approach that instils trust, and ongoing communication to alleviate any concerns. From the moment you make an initial enquiry until the time your possessions are safely delivered, the moving company is on hand to guide you every step of the way.


A reputable mover is in some ways a middle-man working for his company and also working for you. Ideas and suggestions for saving money are fully explored and explained, giving the customer freedom to be hands-on or totally hands-off during the move. Many people like to do some of the packing or oversee the move in process, and an experienced customer-friendly mover will be able to show you lots of ways to make the job go smoother while saving you money.



All of the above traits of a professional moving service are the result of experience. No amount of good intention or unbridled enthusiasm can match the professional job performed by experienced removalists. As with any occupation, it takes months or years to learn the ropes inside out. Our valued reputation is the reason customers repeatedly move with us, and is also our motivation to keep providing the best moving service in Sydney.

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