What Does a Removalist Do

What Does a Removalist Do?

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Moving to a new home or office is a time consuming task involving many steps. It’s not something anyone wants to do (or can do) alone, and even knowing where to begin can be difficult. There are some areas of the move that are the householder’s responsibility – such as disconnection and reconnection of power and phone. Other departments, such as lifting and relocating heavy furniture and boxes are best performed by a professional moving company.
Choosing the right moving company is the first step in your move. Most companies are reputable, but some simply don’t live up to their claims, and should be avoided. Moving companies are available to appraise your move right from the start, and can provide any advice you require to meet your needs and fit your budget.

  • Full Service: With this option you will hardly need to lift a finger. Every aspect of the move, from packing, loading, transportation and unloading of your furniture and belongings is taken care of. This is the ideal option for busy people who prefer to dedicate their time to activities other than the move.
  • Partial Full Service: Less expensive than the full service option, a partial service gives you the option to organise boxes and packing. Time saved equals money saved. Strong and able family or friends can even assist the movers to load and unload, clear access and assist with coordination of the move. The removalists will do the bulk (or all) of the loading, driving and unloading.
  • Do it Yourself: This is the hands-on method for people who prefer to do everything themselves. You will require some strong friends, a truck, a confident and capable driver, and the time and energy to pack, load and move all of your belongings. You will need to weigh up the value of money saved versus time and energy spent. There is also the chance that inexperience could lead to damaged or broken furniture or belongings.


What you can expect the removalist to do

Factors the moving company need to consider can include access, stairs, parking, distance to the new home, and the degree that you wish to be involved in the move.

A moving company takes full responsibility for transporting your possessions to your new home. Moving companies organise and stack your belongings safely and securely in the truck, and unload them to the desired position at your new address.

A reputable removalist keeps an inventory of your goods to ensure everything arrives safely. An inventory is your safeguard in case something goes missing or gets damaged in transit. Moving companies treat your belongings with all the care you expect from us.

If you have booked a complete unpacking service the removalists will unpack your boxes and organise furnishings at the new home. You can rest easy, knowing you will be able to put your feet up and celebrate a successful move on the same day.

Moving companies ensure that all documentation is in order and the job is signed off. There are no nasty surprises or additional costs with a reliable moving company.


What the removalist won’t do

A removalist will not be responsible for moving hazardous, flammable or explosive items. It is dangerous and also illegal. A company specialising in removal of such goods will need to be employed for those items.

Perishable items should be thrown out with the rubbish. Alternatively, you can transport them yourself if the move is relatively short and your refrigeration is connected at the new home. Anything that will spoil during transit should be kept aside or moved separately.

If you are packing the boxes yourself, make sure to use strong and sturdy ones. If boxes are broken or likely to cause damage to possessions during transit the removalist can refuse to carry them. The movers can provide quality boxes for safe handling and transportation if you require.

There is no moving scenario that a professional moving company hasn’t encountered before and did everything possible to make your move efficient and affordable.

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