Vastu Tips for Homes - Positive Energy with Vastu

Vastu Tips for Homes – Positive Energy with Vastu

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There are many aspects to consider when choosing a new residence, but when all is said and done, most people make their final decision based on intuition. Several times I have heard new tenants exclaim, “The house felt right for us the moment we walked in the door,” or, as if the house had its own personality, “It seemed to want us to live here.” Some new residents even claim their house is ‘lucky’ and has improved their quality of life and interpersonal relationships.
People are increasingly turning to professional Feng Shui consultants for divine guidance regarding their living space, and often boast remarkable results. Another recent introduction, similar to Chinese Feng Shui, is the ancient Indian science of Vastu, and it is taking the design and decorating world by storm. Vastu experts claim that proper placement of household items will bring auspiciousness into the home, and saturate the residence with positive energy.
Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the entrance/hallway. After all, first impressions are incredibly important when inviting newcomers and guests into a residence, and every proud home owner hopes visitors will feel welcome. Many people tend to decorate their hallway as an afterthought, or not at all, creating an untidy and uninviting mood. Others fill a hallway with clutter, creating an unruly obstacle course instead of a seamless transition into the rest of the house. Here are some simple and effective tips for promoting positive energy into your hallway/entrance.
Add a small vase or lamp
A small lamp located near the centre of your hallway will provide a welcoming energy. Make sure it doesn’t impede on space or look cluttered. A flower vase will have a similar effect, and make visitors feel instantly comfortable. If the hallway is narrow or limited in length consider hangings, artworks, or fixtures that don’t project out.
Avoid having a mirror at the main entrance

According to Vastu, a mirror facing the main door is a hindrance to household harmony and prosperity. It will push away good energy and stop it entering the house. North and east are considered directions inviting positive energy flow, so avoid mirrors facing in these directions. A mirror that doesn’t face the door will bring positive energy to the home as long as it faces a direction following Vastu principles. Always avoid mirrors facing and reflecting each other as they promote restlessness among family members.

The Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

Situate a Buddha near the house entrance

Most of us are familiar with houses that have a Buddha statue near the front door. The significance is that a Buddha facing the front door will keep negative energy away from the home. Respect the Buddha statue by placing it on a raised platform or table and it will nullify adverse impacts around the home. If possible, face the Buddha toward the rising sun in the east for greatest benefit.
A bowl of water with floating flowers
This is another sight common to many of us, although usually understood as nothing more than an oriental decoration. According to Vastu principles, water denotes wealth, and a simple bowl filled with water and flowers situated near the main entrance is considered highly auspicious. The water should be changed regularly for greatest benefit.
Scents for peace and harmony
Humans are sensual by nature. Sight, sound, and smell can all produce a mood of peacefulness and harmony. Incense or similar auspicious scents placed near entrance corners will remove negativity from the corners and invite a serene and pleasant mood into your home.
Many of the Vastu principles are inexpensive or even cost-free, and can be implemented with the minimum of fuss, while providing maximum benefit. The ancient Vastu principles have definitely arrived in the modern world, and can be utilised by all of us in creation of a harmonious household.
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