Top 7 Ideas to Use When Moving Your Home

Top 7 Ideas to Use When Moving Your Home

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When moving your home to and fro the Greater Sydney area, think about things like timing, packing and regulatory compliance – especially if you have, say, exotic pets or carry substances that Australian authorities deemed hazardous for the general public. This is where you might need the expertise of a specialist, such as a furniture removals expert, a home removals professional, or an experienced removalist.
1. List items
Making a list of items is logistically sensible because you would save more time down the road. Having a clear list tells you what’s missing, what is duplicated, and the best way to clear all items within a short period of time without breaking your bank.
2. Splurge on Supplies
I recommend you buy as many supplies as possible. These include permanent black markers, boxes of all stripes, and tapes.
3. Use Wardrobe Boxes
Direct your removalist or home removals specialist to fill personal items like shoes, sweaters and trousers in wardrobe boxes. If you don’t have that many clothes, do it yourself and use standard boxes or those sturdy, large shopping bags you often get at large retailers.
4. Focus on Colour Coordination
Colour coordination is critical, especially if you have family members who have an eye for detail and an artistic bent. In your new home, colour-code each section to distinguish it. For example, mark the kitchen “yellow,” and ascribe red and blue to the kids’ room and the master room, respectively.
5. Keep Stuff Categorized
Do you want to spend 50% of your time looking for stuff at the new house? I didn’t think so. Therefore, keep your relatives’ belongings organized and keep things like kitchen equipment and gardening gear categorized, for example. Use the same approach you applied when making the initial list of items. That way, you lessen the odds of a loss.
6. Plan the Packing in Advance
Pack ahead, says Jack J., a lifelong Sydney-based home removals specialist who for 25 years has helped companies and individuals move everything from offices and families to home equipment and gardening gear. Jack recommends that you pack at the pace of 5% everyday till the day of official move. For example, say you are moving to a new place within a month. By packing your stuff at a 5% pace every day, you would be done by the 20th day, which leaves you ample time to breathe and have peace of mind.
7. Protect High-Worth Belongings
Safeguard your valuables when moving out of your current house. Put valuables like jewellery, silverware and antiques in a specific, theft-proof box. Talk to your removalist to learn more about procedures to take when displacing your high-worth belongings.

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Bottom Line
Moving stuff from your house can be a tedious exercise, especially if you live in large metropolitan area like Sydney. To minimize frustration, prevent family misunderstanding and make the moving process as smooth as possible, talk to the right people and plan the whole process well in advance.
By Corey K (follow me on Google Plus)

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