Top 3 Things to Consider Before Booking An Office Removals Service

Top 3 Things to Consider Before Booking An Office Removals Service

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Finally making plans to move to bigger office space? There are lots of things you have to check out when planning out the moving process. To make sure that the entire office switch process is successful, here are three key things you must thoughtfully consider.

1. Budget

Have you drawn out the entire cost of  your office removals ?

It’s difficult to get a hold of the actual cost of switching office as the project is cost-progressive. A lot of factors can easily spring surprises and shoot up the cost of the entire process. Unforeseen circumstances like oversights, delays and even extra cost or market fluctuations can affect your budget.

So it’s difficult to even get a figure talk more of stick to it. Aside from the few things mentioned above, other important variables you must consider are:

  • Cost of hiring/moving special equipment (machines, chemicals, art collections)
  • Time factors and limitations
  • Government levy/ extra property charges

It’s important you consider every little detail that makes up your budget and even leave room for rebellious expenses. If you have no experience on how to organise an office removals job, you can talk to a professional office removals expert to help you manage the entire process and draw up the full cost of your relocation.

2. Furniture

What are your plans for your existing furniture?

When moving your office, you have just two options when it comes to your existing office furniture:

  • Move them to your new location
  • Replace them with new furniture

If you are planning a million-buck office upgrade, you will have no trouble with replacing your entire furniture. However, if you are on a budget, you should consider refurbishing your old furniture to meet the current office design standards. Office removals services can give you advice on your furniture.

You can remodel your old furniture to comply with the latest office standards without replacing them. You will save over 70% of the cost of replacing your furniture with new ones when you refurbish them.

Another important factor you must consider thoughtfully is the mode of transferring your furniture to your new location. While it’s possible to move yourselves, you need a professional office removalist to take care of your furniture for the following reasons:

  • Trained professionals with years of experience in moving furniture
  • Saves you the stress of moving them yourself
  • Protect your furniture from unforeseen damages

You can’t downplay the importance of hiring a professional office removals expert when moving your office. It’s also important you make use of durable packing materials to package your furniture before you move them. You can discuss with your office removals expert to determine the best packing materials for your furniture.

While you arrange your furniture, you should consider the long-term goals of your business. Selling off your old furniture might be an ideal decision to make now, but you may need them for future expansion. If you have your mind set on selling off your furniture, your office removals expert can also help you manage the process.

3. Clients

You must formally notify your clients and contact of your plans to move your office to a new location before and after the move to keep them in the light of the recent developments.

You can pass this message by using business emails, cards and putting up your new address on your website.

Summing It Up

Moving to a new office will only be stressful if you ignore the right steps and professionals. Contact us today for a professional office removals services, and we will take the burden of switching office off you!

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