Tips to Pack Your Home Quickly and Smartly

Tips to Pack Your Home Quickly and Smartly

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When planning a home move, pay attention to a few specific things to avoid a lacklustre outcome, one that could cost you much more money if you broke or lost high-value items. To prevent this kind of adverse scenario, prepare for the job at hand, get essential items necessary for a proper move, and organize your new place as efficiently as possible.
Prepare for the Job at Hand
Packing your home quickly and smartly – and without the help of a removalist, I might add – may be a daunting task. I would recommend you hire a home removals or furniture removals specialist, but go ahead and plan everything yourself if you think you are up to the task at hand. Key things to consider include:

  • Property gear, such as shoes that possess full foot coverage. The same thing applies to accoutrements like jeans, long sleeves and socks.
  • Essential supplies, such as black markers, packing tape, trash bags and boxes of all sizes
  • A good sense of humour – don’t get me wrong; this is no time to have fun, but a moving process often demands coordination and collaboration from several individuals, so the less tense the environment is, the higher the chances that you will have a successful, quick moving process.

Get the Essentials
Essential items you would need when packing your home include boxes of all sizes and purposes.
For example, you would need specific boxes to transport alcoholic beverages, so make a stop at your local liquor store on your way to the new place. If you live in Sydney, you can always contact your removalist and ask more information about pricing, especially if you are doing part or all the packing yourself. Liquor-focused boxes are good not only for alcoholic drinks but also for kitchen-driven fluids like almond oil and vinegar.
Organize Your New Place
The first thing to do at your new place is to mark a specific section of the new house where you would pack all of the incoming stuff. I suggest you use specific categories, but feel free to expand on the category list and include things that you think matter, from a personal perspective.
I recommend you use the following categories:

  • To sell
  • To give to charity
  • To return to merchant
  • To unpack, and
  • Other


Next, try to think of a living pattern in the new house in the next, say, three or four weeks. For example, figure out where your younger kids will sleep and the section of the house your older offspring will call living space.

Third, determine the best way to clean floor space at your new place, especially if chemicals from, say, painting are still active and corroding the air you and your family breathe.
Remember, you can always seek help from a specialist, such as a home or furniture removals specialist.

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Last Word
By methodically planning your home move, you eliminate the odds of item loss and financial headache, the kind that comes from poor management and improper follow-up with removalists. Properly packing and moving your home also helps you keep your kids happy because they are not lost in the whole jumble of the moving process.
By Corey K (follow me on Google Plus)

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