Starting the New School Year After Moving House

Starting the New School Year After Moving House

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With school holidays ending and a new year of education beginning, it can be an unsettling time for the most enthusiastic of students. The anxiety level for children is increased dramatically in families that have recently moved to a new home in a different suburb. Sticking to familiar routines will go some way toward adapting to the new surroundings, and there are many helpful groups and community services to be found in most Sydney suburbs.
Having a reputable moving company such as Sydney Moving will also help ease concerns as they can have you relocated and settled into your new home without even missing one comfortable nights sleep. Here are just a few ideas to help everyone settle in faster and hit the ground running for the new year ahead.
Join forces with other mothers
When children see their parents happily resettled they will generally follow suit and realise the move to a new home can actually be fun and inspiring. If parents are making new friends in the neighbourhood, their children will believe they can do the same. Groups such as MamaBake are springing up all over the country. This Australian innovation has become a worldwide phenomenon and has been a great source of socialising and new friendships in a world where moving has become the norm rather than the exception. MamaBake is a cooking group for mums where like-minded people can get together, share cooking, and enjoy time with neighbours. The upside for kids is that they will get a ready-made opportunity to meet new friends amongst the children of the MamaBake group.
There are already more than 200 MamaBake groups around Australia, so check your local area, sign up, and start making friends for you and your children. As a major plus, you and your kids will get to enjoy the culinary results of chefs in your suburb.

Find a school uniform

Lets face it, fitting out a large family with a brand new school uniform every year can be a major drain on household expenditure. There is however, an alternative that can have your children looking smart and ready for the new school year. FindAUniform is a nation-wide online second hand uniform source. Depending on your field of work, you may have to relocate your family on a regular basis. In this scenario there is no use holding on to old uniforms or handing them down from one sibling to the next.
FindAUniform was started with such families in mind. The site lets you locate not only school uniforms but also those for local sporting clubs and organisations. The savings will literally be in the thousands of dollars for families that move often. There are options to buy, sell, swap and place wanted ads. Sydney Moving will assist your family into the new home for the best possible price. You can keep the savings momentum going by sourcing bargain priced uniforms for the kids.

This is another great way to save money after a move, and also familiarise your children to the area and locals. It’s also another way to make new friends which for many kids is the biggest fear of moving to a new suburb. Carpooling is also a means to educate the children regarding energy savings and the environment. Another new innovation is the ‘Walking Bus’. If your new home is near to school, you can join forces with other families and take turns with parents to escort a group of kids safely to school. Its fantastic exercise and will also give the kids time to socialise together outside of the school environment. There is every chance your children will have made new friends even before they arrive at school for their first day.
Remember, kids are very adaptable, often much more so than their parents. Often the worry and concerns of the parents will rub off on easily affected children. These concerns can be alleviated by investing a little time in getting to know the neighbours and learning about local facilities and opportunities available. Moving home should be an opportunity to expand your horizons, make a fresh start, and mingle with a whole new group of friends.
The team at Sydney Moving are dedicated toward making the transition into your new home a pleasurable experience. Call us today regarding your move, and make your new residence an adventure for all the family to enjoy.
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