The Self-Storage Option

The Self-Storage Option

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Many of us know someone who has endured a home renovation project while living in the garage or sleeping on the floor. The disorder to home life during renovations can be excruciatingly difficult, straining relationships between family members and trades persons. The fear of much-loved furniture being destroyed during a renovation is a very real prospect and self storage options could be the answer to saving your belongings (and sanity).
Self storage can go a long way toward easing the hassles, removing clutter, and providing temporary living space. Sydney Moving can also assist greatly and are the experts at getting your belongings moved on time and on budget. Once a self storage location has been found, Sydney Moving will do the rest, allowing you to get on with the task of overseeing the renovation.
The increase in home renovations is due to a number of factors: tightening of finances, DIY TV shows, and a desire to capitalise on the home investment, to name a few. Approximately $30 billion was spent on renovations Australia wide during 2012/13 and the trend looks set to continue. Renovation is a major undertaking and a big expense so it makes sense to clear belongings well out of the renovation impact zone and place them into safe storage. Trades persons will appreciate you and the clearing of the renovation work environment may well save time and money as workers can move around more freely and complete the job faster.
Self storage comes in several different forms. You may prefer a warehouse style facility, or possibly a storage container situated on your property for the duration of the renovation. In either case, Sydney Moving will relocate your possessions quickly and efficiently, easing any concerns you may have regarding loss or damage. It’s important to have a realistic time-frame on your self-storage needs as a renovation project often takes more time than expected. You need to factor in events that can go wrong alongside those that you hope will go smoothly. Get quotes from professional storage companies or ask the advice of Sydney Moving regarding reputable storage vendors.
Self-storage options provide you with the security you require while the renovation is in progress. A home undergoing renovation can be accidentally left unlocked during this busy period and a reputable self-storage facility will have security monitoring and staff for added reassurance. Remember to take necessary precautions against pests and vermin while your belongings are in storage, especially for irreplaceable and precious items.
Sydney Moving can assist with all aspects of your move to a self-storage facility and then again back home. If you are doing some of the renovation work yourself, the expertise of the Sydney Moving team will also ensure you don’t damage your back while relocating heavy furnishings, a scenario that could otherwise set the renovation project way behind schedule.
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