Removals in the Eastern Suburbs

Removals in the Eastern Suburbs

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The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is one of the oldest and most established areas of the city. It’s located close to Australia’s largest employment market (Sydney CBD) and is one of Australia’s flourishing real-estate markets. The economic strength of the Eastern Suburbs is reflected in average wages and home values of local residents. The compact nature of the region, compared to the sprawling Sydney outer-suburbs presents a range of challenges for removalists.

The characteristics of the Eastern Suburbs mentioned above are just some of the reasons why moving house in the area should be done with the assistance of a professional company familiar with local conditions. Many houses, although expensive and well maintained, are also older and pose moving hurdles unique to their vintage. Moving house in this area often involves relocating valuable furniture and belongings where any damage could amount to a loss of thousands of dollars.

Moving expensive furnishings

Safely and securely relocating expensive furniture to your new home requires the right equipment, vehicle and packing. A common cause of damage in relocation is improper loading during transportation, so the sensible solution is to employ the experts to do the job for you. Professional moversĀ are dedicated Sydney Eastern Suburbs and North Shore removalists familiar with the local area. We use purpose built vehicles and provide adequate manpower to make sure everything goes smoothly from point A to B.

Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs are comprised of some surprisingly hilly streets and narrow access roads. Employing the experts to make certain your valuable possessions are properly secured and transported is half the moving battle won.

Responsible removalists will make a site inspection

By planning ahead you will be able to take it easy on moving day. A moving consultant can visit you prior to the move to determine any access or loading difficulties at your present and future residences. This is important, especially if the truck is expected to navigate narrow streets, avoid overhanging trees, and allow local traffic to move freely during loading and unloading. A reputable moving company will have a moving method to suit your individual circumstances, such as utilising a second, smaller vehicle for ferrying belongings to the larger truck, or supplying extra manpower to help negotiate furniture around or over obstacles.


Narrow access in older homes and apartments

In some cases, larger furnishings such as pianos and pool tables have legs or wheels that can be taken off during the move. Moving companies also have the right trolleys, hydraulic lifts and expertise to lift heavy furnishings over fences and balconies in situations where access is otherwise too narrow. Your removalist will also use the best quality protective blankets and other materials to ensure there are no marks or scratches on your expensive items. Moving often requires solutions that only experience can provide.

If you are moving to an apartment, it’s important to inform building management prior to the move for approval of building and lift access. Using a professional removalist will provide your building manager with assurance of a safe and damage-free move. Your building might also have an alternative service elevator which can be used for the move.

Streamline and save

Once you have agreed on a day, time and plan of action with your removalist they will do the rest in an efficient and timely manner. By overcoming any logistical hurdles prior to the move, you will save time on the move itself and save money in the process. Moving companies are familiar with the Eastern Suburbs and understand the importance of keeping their local and loyal customers satisfied every step of the way.

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