How to Reduce Moving Stress

How to Reduce Moving Stress

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There are a lot of simple measures that will assist in reducing the stress of moving and even help you appreciate the move as a rewarding and positive experience. Here are some ideas.

Set aside enough time: Sometimes responsibilities overwhelm us or unexpected duties pop up, leaving little time fit in a last minute move. Try to plan ahead by at least six weeks before a move. There will be a lot of factors involved including some that may not yet have crossed your mind.

Be organised: Compile a “to do” moving list, and create a timeline for weekly goals. Keep on track with your list and you will have all the boxes ticked even before the removalist truck arrives.

Clear the clutter: Once you have cleaned and disposed of unwanted possessions you will be halfway there, and feel much more organised in tackling the remaining tasks. By getting rid of unwanted things your packing will only involve the items you require, saving packing time and room in the truck. De-cluttering can be therapeutic by helping you to let go of past attachments and look toward the future.

Ask for assistance: Asking for help is difficult for many people. We want to appear self reliant, but there is no denying that an entire house full of belongings can present an overwhelming obstacle, especially for the frail or elderly. Reach out and ask friends or relatives and you may be pleasantly surprised just how willing they are to assist. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time together.

Goodbye and farewell: Take the time to say goodbye to neighbours. Invite them for a farewell drink or meal. Have a few final walks around your neighbourhood and visit your favourite spots. Allow yourself time to absorb yourself in saying goodbye. Appreciate the past, live in the moment, and look toward the future.

Treat yourself: A stressful move is one where we don’t take time to get all our regular tasks done, including proper eating and sleeping. Try not to neglect your needs and you will enjoy the move much more. Taking time out to cook a healthy meal or kick back and relax a little will re-energise you and give you the motivation to continue with your moving tasks.

If possible, visit some friends, go out for a meal or a movie, or even a walk in the park. By planning ahead you should be able to make time to keep to regular routines. If not only for your sake, your spouse and children will also appreciate their leisure time not being turned totally upside down during what will inevitably be a busy period.

Last of all, encourage each other by positive affirmation. Make the move an adventure toward an exciting future, and be always at the ready to lend a hand when required.

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