Reasons for Moving

Reasons for Moving

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One hundred years ago, 95 percent of people lived and worked in a localised area, never venturing more than 50 kilometres from their place of birth. Times have changed dramatically, and these days it’s not uncommon for a person to change careers or jobs every few years, along with a complete relocation of their household. There are lots of reasons why a move is justified, and removalists can assist you in making the transition a smooth one. It helps if you are confident your move is the result of clear objectives, and not just change for change sake alone. Here are some typical reasons for moving.

Work related transfers

Just as people are on the move, so are many businesses. Economic variables have resulted in families moving to different parts of Sydney, which can mean much longer travel times to and from work. It’s wise to take time in reflection regarding your present job, and if the new move will lead to promotion or the next step on your career ladder. If the move is simply a lateral one there may need to be some give-and-take by your employer to sweeten the deal.

The move could be an opportunity to take on a new role, develop projects or products, and stimulate your career interest. Take the time to find out just what is in store for you at the new location, and if it feels right, moving your home base closer to the new work location could pay dividends.

Retirement options

With long working days behind you, it could be time to downsize the home or search for greener pastures. You may prefer a more sunny or warm outlook, live closer to the water or mountains for leisure pursuits, or nearer to open parkland where you can enjoy a relaxed stroll around.

Retirement doesn’t mean retiring from life, but only from your job. It can actually be a time of great personal development and an opportunity to do all manner of things you have been putting off for years. By moving to a preferred location, you can join clubs and organisations and link up with a whole new circle of friends.

Bear in mind that retiring from your job can take a little while to get accustomed to, and therefore moving to a suitable home could be just the tonic to keep you occupied and vital with so many more free hours on your hands. A move doesn’t need to alienate you from family or friends, and it may be a case of finding a home closer to children and grandchildren where you can become a more significant part of their life.

Following the dream

Prior to your move, you could make a list of all your favourite activities. Some people prefer outdoor pursuits and others are more inclined toward cultural entertainments. Allow your family members to be a little selfish in compiling their own list of interests, and formulate a plan that satisfies everyone to the greatest extent possible. Follow your dreams and your passions and find a new residence in an area that suits your style.

Sometimes declining a job offer can be a good move, especially if it is weighed up against considerations for family harmony and happiness. We all need money in today’s expensive economic conditions, but sometimes a little less money can be outweighed by having a little more time with your loved ones.

If your dreams can also encompass your lifestyle and occupation, then there should be nothing to hold you back from relocating to a more desirable area. Here are some more considerations to ask yourself.

  • Am I bored with my present job or work environment?
  • Is my job portable? Will it be difficult to settle into the new work routine?
  • Is my present residence holding me back from enjoying new experiences?
  • What responsibilities do I have to consider in making a move?
  • Is a move affordable?

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