Pack and Move Your Home Office the Right Way

Pack and Move Your Home Office the Right Way

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An experienced Sydney-based removalist I’ve known for years says the most important elements of a home removals project include safety, professionalism, timing and regulatory compliance. I couldn’t agree more! To pack and move your home office the right way, seek the expertise of professionals well-versed in the subtleties of furniture removals and home removals along with the regulatory and insurance implications of a typical moving job.
Before You Start
When planning your a home office move, make a list of everything of value, both monetary and intellectual. This is important because a USB key may not fetch that much on eBay or at your neighbourhood’s flea market, but data on the USB drive could be worth millions of dollars. So categorize every item into clusters as diverse as:

  • Equipment – PC, printer and router, for example
  • Furniture – office chair, table, etc.
  • Office supplies, and
  • Paintings

Having a clear idea of what to pack will help you coordinate better the removalist and prevent monetary and personal inconvenience resulting from item losses.
How to Efficiently Pack Books
Packing your books efficiently makes literary and financial sense because you preserve their shelf life. To properly pack your old novels or new drama paperbacks, do the following:

  • Use small, solid boxes.
  • Pack the books straight up, on their side, or with the spines down – depending on the books and available space.
  • Use crumpled blank newsprint to fill extra space.
  • Mark the box and seal it, but make sure it weighs fewer than 30 pounds.
  • Talk to your removalist and explain the packing and identification procedure you used.

How to Efficiently Pack and Move Your PC
If you live in the Greater Sydney area, you can contact a specialist to pack and move your PCs, especially if the equipment is new, fragile and serves in your business operations. Otherwise, you can do the packing and moving yourself. Talk to your furniture removals company; it may refer you to experienced PC removalist in the Sydney metropolitan region. To efficiently pack and move your PC:

  • Back up your computer – especially sensitive data and information contained in a mishmash of areas ranging from emails, pictures and saved passwords to financial data, music files and business documentation.
  • Disconnect the cables.
  • Wrap everything and seal it.
  • Contact your removalist or drive to the destination address yourself, while maintaining a cautious approach to prevent damages to your equipment.

Home Office for Architect

Don’t take your home office moving process lightly. The exercise can be easy or complex, depending on whether you have a small corner office or a bureau the size of workspaces you see at Kirribilli House. To efficiently pack and move your home office, do your homework, talk to the right people, draw up a budget, and make a plan. Other things you should do include properly packing your books and other literary pieces as well as efficiently packing and moving your PC and peripherals.

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