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Reasons for furniture removal – moving house or apartment

  • Owner has sold the property
  • Unlikely event or structural fault
  • Expanding family
  • Work relocation


Owner has sold the property


In a busy metropolis like Sydney, people buy and sell houses or apartments as either short term or long term investments. They lease them to make money. These properties are usually leased by professional agents, rarely by the landlord / owner. Most owners do not want to deal directly with their tenants, and instead hire the agents or property managers to take care of rental payments and any legal documentation. Commonly, owners often decide to sell their properties when they are in need of money or when the market value increases on their properties. These times they give you a notice to vacate. If this is the case, I would like to advise you that, as a tenant you must firstly receive a written notice to vacate the premises and that by law, the time period cannot be less than 60 days. This is also the time when you will need help from a professional, trustworthy furniture removal company in Sydney. You should consider getting your furniture handled by the most expert and experienced furniture removal specialists in Sydney. Never be afraid of asking us any questions about your move and if you have any extra requests about getting your furniture wrapped or transported, this is the time to ask.


Unlikely event or structural fault


Sometimes, things happen that are out of our control. For example, we often see situations where a broken sewer pipe causes water leakage inside a house or apartment. Or worse, it happens that the structure of the building fails a safety inspection. These times are extremely hard on the tenant. It’s very important to take steps to reduce stress as far as possible. Although, these times are very unlucky for the owner and the tenant. It is your right as a tenant to ask for some kind of compensation for your loss, even if your furniture was not damaged. Moreover, you may decide to move out of the property temporarily or permanently which can be very stressful. But here we are for an urgent call. Call us to give you a FREE QUOTE on your furniture removal job.



Let me tell you moving house can be very expensive. To move home usually costs in the vicinity of a couple of thousand dollars;  you have to pay the bond ( usually a month’s rent ). On top of that you will have to make an advance payment ( another two weeks rent ). In this scenario, you might be thinking that you cannot hire a professional furniture removal company to pack and move your goods. However, hiring a professional furniture removal truck will cost you a few hundred dollars only. Compared to losing a few work days ( and pay! ) on packing and moving which can also be hectic and exhausting. Most of the times the most economic and comfortable choice is to go with a high quality furniture removal company from Sydney.


Expanding Family


In Sydney, rent is super expensive and sometimes it makes economic sense to move in with friends or lovers.  If you want to try living with your partner, sharing a place with your beloved can be a wise move. Expecting kids? While having a family is a wonderful thing, it also comes with some extra expenses. It is commonly the moment when people need or decide to move to a bigger apartment or house. Making these difficult and life changing decisions and then making the move can be made easier with expert help – hiring the most professional furniture removal company in Sydney will certainly alleviate some of the pressures. Contact us and we will be glad to give you a FREE estimate on your furniture removal job. We even provide you with  a calculation on your miscellaneous goods and furniture.  Such as, how much space will you need for transport and storage, and an estimation of time for loading and unloading. Expert furniture removal companies like us, are straight forward and happy to provide you with a fairly accurate estimation.


Work relocation


Having a relocation to a new workplace can be both very exciting and tiring. It is not just that you have to become familiar with a new position and a brand new place, but also you need to think about buying new furniture from your local stores or bringing your old furniture with you. Either way, you are better off hiring a professional furniture removal in Sydney. Do your research and do not just allow your boss to use the cheapest or budget Sydney furniture removal company. Ensure that you use a legitimate business that possesses  an ACN ( Australian Business Number ). It can provide you with transit insurance. Take note, that if your employer is going to be paying the bill. –> You need to make sure that the company is registered in Australia as a furniture removal business. You will need a proper tax invoice and receipt, otherwise your work place cannot claim the bill against their taxes. Also, check with the accountant regarding the legal amount that you will be able to get back. You can claim back from the final receipt provided by the furniture removal company.


Here is an other blog about what is tax deductible. When it comes to your moving day. Proudly ‘Moving Sydney’ on a daily basis, we have been providing affordable, experienced and expert furniture removal services all over Sydney and interstate for nearly a decade. Get a free quote now!


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