Moving with Children

Moving with Children

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Relocating to a new home can be stressful, with the life-changing move to a new suburb often difficult for children. It involves getting used to unfamiliar surroundings, leaving friends behind, and adjusting to a different school. There are a variety of ways to help your child make the transition with the minimum of fuss.

Talk about the move

It’s important to discuss the reasons and benefits of the move with the entire family. Find an opportunity to talk about it with your kids, and make sure they understand why the move is necessary. Let them know when the move will be and tell them about the new place and suburb. Talk it up to appease their concerns. Let the kids know what to expect regarding the move itself: the packing of boxes, temporarily storing their toys and belongings, and the excitement of organising and decorating the new house. Discuss important aspects of the move with kids as moving time draws nearer. It’s far less daunting for children if they have an understanding of things.

Listen to their opinions
Even if you don’t intend to take everything they say on-board, it’s still a good idea to involve kids and make them feel a valued part of the move. Their opinions may be impractical or fantastical, but having them enthused and excited about moving is half the battle won. It may even be possible to let them choose their own bedroom, or suggest furnishings or colours in their chosen style. Decorating a new room is almost as exciting as building a cubby house, and will allow their imagination to focus on positives. It’s also a good idea to find out any anxieties they have regarding the move, granting you an opportunity to reassure them.


Let them participate
A simple means of allowing your children to adjust is to get them involved in the physical process. This will give them a sense of achievement once the job is done, and appreciation for the effort involved from all the family members. It can be a good idea, if possible, to show them the new house before moving day so they can form impressions about their new space. If they are old enough they can also help to pack their toys and belongings.

Young children may be confused regarding their personal belongings, leading to a stressful situation. Allow your little ones to see their things being boxed up and show them that you are writing their name on the box for safe keeping. Explain to them that the Sydney Movers truck will be picking up the boxes and safely delivering them to the new home.

Plan ahead

Consider leaving very young children in the care of relatives or a baby sitter during the day of the move. Removalists work quickly and efficiently, and are not always able to see a toddler scurrying around the boxes. Unpacking can be a slow and deliberate process, and it may be a useful idea to pack a dedicated box of favourite toys and items that hold emotional attachment and familiarity.

Discover the new neighbourhood

Prior to moving, do some research regarding child-friendly amenities of the new suburb. Take note of playgrounds, clubs, and sporting organisations that may interest your children. It’s natural for kids to miss old friends and familiar surroundings. The loss can be overcome by emphasising all the fun aspects of the new neighbourhood. Take time to show them the sights and go exploring together. With your guidance, and the experience of Sydney Movers, the move can be a positive experience for the entire family.

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