Moving from Sydney to Canberra

Moving from Sydney to Canberra

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Canberra is an expanding city on the move, and many people are beginning to take notice. The ideal of living in the comparatively relaxed atmosphere of Australia’s capital city is catching on, and more than ever before, people are moving from Sydney to Canberra.

Relocating from Sydney to Canberra is made easy when an experienced moving company does the job. A major plus is the distance, with Canberra a fast 3 and a half hour drive from Sydney. This means a one day relocation and no additional costs or storage fees. So why is Canberra becoming popular?

Canberra has the best of both worlds

Moving to Canberra shouldn’t be a culture shock for Sydneysiders. Obvious differences such as size and population are easily overlooked, as both places provide everything a city has to offer. It’s upon closer inspection that Canberra shines as a city in its own right. Here are some highlights:

  • It’s a great city for outdoor activities
  • Close to the ski-fields
  • An easy day-trip to picturesque Bateman’s Bay
  • A growing art and culture scene
  • Australia’s best city for cycling
  • Nature at your doorstep
  • …and the Sydney to Canberra flight time is less than an hour, so relatives and friends can visit easily


Higher wages, cheaper housing

Being the capital of Australia makes Canberra a city populated by great universities, academics, intellectuals, public servants and foreign diplomats. This translates into wages higher than the Sydney average, and a lower unemployment rate. In fact, work related choices are a major reason many people move to Canberra. The absence of peak hour traffic snarls without a long commute to and from work is another notable feature.


If you are purchasing a new home in Canberra, a moving company will have you settling in and celebrating on the same day. Our professional team take care of all the heavy lifting and can even provide boxes and packing equipment if required. Our rates are highly competitive and give you every opportunity to save money. For example, if you have boxed all your belongings and are ready to roll, we will be arriving in Canberra and unpacking in your new home in no time. This is where our fixed-price or hourly rate options are a real winner for the customer.


House prices are cheaper in Canberra, giving you the opportunity to purchase a larger property closer to the city centre, or to make the move with money to spare. Most moving companies operates 7 days a week, meaning you can settle in and start your new job without missing a beat.

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