Moving Often? Consider Flat-pack Furniture

Moving Often? Consider Flat-pack Furniture

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It’s easy to appreciate the benefits of flat-pack, or ready-to-assemble furniture. Many large furniture stores in Sydney sell the majority of their products in flat-pack boxes, and you can purchase almost every furniture item you need in a single shopping trip. Since 1956, when Gillis Lundgren, a Swedish draughtsman promoted the idea to his IKEA employers, the flat-pack furniture revolution has grown enormously. The team at Sydney Moving are experienced movers of flatpack furniture, whether it is still in the box, or already assembled.

Flat-pack furniture is popular for many reasons. Consumers can save money, assembly only requires a few simple tools, and completing the project provides a sense of accomplishment. Flat-pack furniture options are provided for every living space, including outdoor furniture and swingsets. For people who move often, it can be the ideal furniture choice.

If you live near a furniture warehouse that specialises in ready-to-assemble furniture you can even select everything you require before you move and coordinate the pickup along with the rest of your belongings on moving day. The savings on delivery charges will offset the removalist cost nicely. When it comes time for assembly, remember not to drill the screws too tight. You may want to take the furniture apart again before your next move, saving you more money.

Disassembly advice

Breaking down flat-pack furniture is an easy process; simply follow the assembly instructions in reverse order. Once disassembled, your furniture will take up less space in the moving truck, and if packed properly with blankets (or the original box) there is little chance of damage. Ask the helpful staff at your moving company about providing extra blankets if required.

When you are disassembling your furniture, it’s important to label every piece, especially when there are many parts of similar size and shape. Be sure to keep the various fasteners and screws in correctly labelled bags.

The most common problem arising from moving flatpack furniture is that most people toss out the assembly instructions. The good news is that many manufacturers of flat-pack furniture provide online instruction manuals. But just in case, it’s always a good idea to save your manual and flat-pack assembly tool kit for as long as you own the furnishing.

The only downside with ready-to-assemble furniture is that it is made from particle board and can be a little fragile and easily chipped. It’s a much safer idea to move it disassembled or re-packed in the original box, where there is no risk of damage. The experts take your furniture into consideration when loading the truck, and take every possible precaution to avoid any damage. Make sure to note any damage on furnishings prior to loading so you can be fully satisfied your goods arrive in the same state at your new address.

People move more than ever before, sometimes dozens of times over the space of a few years. The trend for flat-pack furniture is sure to continue and if you are the type of person that moves often the savings over time by purchasing ready-to-assemble furniture will add up to a lot of money.

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