Moving House from Sydney to Brisbane

Moving House from Sydney to Brisbane

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Australians are known to change residence and jobs more often than any other nationality. Our vast country provides opportunities for sea-change, tree-change or city lifestyle change, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon. Moving house from Sydney to Brisbane is almost as easy as moving next door when your possessions are in the right hands.

Brisbane is a city on the move. Long gone are the days when it was compared to a big country town. It’s now a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis replete with high-end shopping, luxury apartments and glitzy night-life. It’s no surprise that people are moving from Sydney to Brisbane to make a new start. Brisbane has well and truly arrived on the map. The sub-tropical climate, increasingly diverse work opportunities and less prohibitive real estate are all attractions worth considering.

Removalists have a range of vehicles suited to moves of every size, meaning your belongings will be our priority from source to destination. A quality removal service should also be affordable, and we investigate every means of saving you money without compromising on our superior service. We make sure our customers are kept in the loop every step of the way, ensuring a timely and convenient delivery.

Saving money on your move

Not all furniture and belongings stack together perfectly, and you may be surprised how big your load can become. It’s a good idea to sell, give away or donate unwanted items before moving day. Sydney to Brisbane is a long way, and costs quickly mount up if more than one truck, or a semi-trailer is required for your move. A garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and earn some cash. You may even make a profit on your move.

Plan ahead of time

There is a lot to consider before, during and after your move from Sydney to Brisbane. Make lists, create an inventory and label everything. Family members and pets should also be taken into consideration. Take your time to enjoy the journey to your new home, factor in comfort breaks for your children and pre-prepare simple games to keep the young ones happy. Don’t neglect your pets also, and prepare them for the move prior to the big day. Utilise a suitable pet carrier if necessary so they don’t try and escape mid-journey. Check out our previous moving with pet articles for some great pet moving ideas.

Redirect to reconnect

There are numerous services that will require disconnecting at your old abode and reconnecting at your new one. Compile a list of all your external energy, power, phone and internet providers. Many of them offer free reconnection even interstate, and your list will assist you with a suitable timeline for contacting relevant departments, postal redirection services, and any other service that will help you settle in comfortably and conveniently.

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