Moving Home After Living Abroad

Moving Home After Living Abroad

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Living abroad has become increasingly popular during recent decades. Whether you are a recent graduate on a gap year, a professional chasing a career dream, or just someone with a thirst for adventure, living abroad holds a lot of attraction. For most people, the move is temporary although often fairly long-term, and returning to your home country or city is another exciting and sometimes daunting prospect.

Time away from home will inevitably see you getting accustomed to a new culture, cuisine, climate, friends and experiences, all of which you will leave behind on your return. This reverse culture shock can be disorientating and unsettling, especially once you realise your extended family and old friends have also moved on during your absence.

The initial excitement of being home, visiting friends, overcoming jet-lag and getting your bearings will soon recede, so it’s important to remember the purpose behind your return. Your idealised memories and expectations may not be matched by reality, but there are ways to make the transition easy.

If moving with your family, it will help everyone to put down roots and get settled as soon as possible. Belongings that have been kept in storage can be moved as soon as you find a suitable residence. Removalists will help you coordinate pick-up and delivery of your furniture and possessions. Once you begin establishing your comfortable home everyone will begin to feel they belong. Personalise your new home by displaying family photos, unpacking important mementos, and inviting old friends around.

Take time on the new job hunt

Hopefully you will have returned home with enough money to settle in for a week or two without having to rush out and take the first available job. You could even retrain to upgrade your career prospects. Consider taking up a hobby or interest that you have been putting off.

Keep healthy

Ensure that you and your family eat well on returning home. You may be unsettled and in some disarray, but having healthy meals at regular times will keep your family on the same page, with enough vitality and determination to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Assist your children

There will be obstacles to overcome for children on their return home from overseas. Establishing workable routines will be especially helpful for them. You may need to consult with their teachers regarding learning capabilities or curriculum. Take time to follow up with your children and teachers and make sure everyone is adjusting adequately to the new situation.

Have fun

You will undoubtedly miss certain aspects of the country you have left behind, and home life can feel a little drab in comparison. Alleviate boredom or stress by having outings with your family. Try new experiences and choose activities that connect with local culture. Take time out for fun and frivolity: just because you have made a serious move it doesn’t mean enjoyment and pleasure should cease.

Stay in touch

Communication is easier than ever in the modern world. There are unlimited ways to keep in touch and up-to-date with friends or relatives around the globe. Good times and difficult times will come and go wherever you are, and sharing a laugh or offering advice to far flung friends will make you realise just how much of the host culture you have brought home with you.

Travelling expands horizons and adds another dimension to your character. Don’t deny the new and improved you just so you can fit in on your return home. Your capabilities and awareness have diversified, so take the opportunity to share new-found talents once you settle back in. Removalists will take care of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to continue setting new and exciting goals for your future.

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