Moving Furniture Calories

Moving Furniture Calories

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You might be surprised how many calories you can burn in activities outside the gym. Although peak fitness is attained by regular workouts, everyday activities can also exercise muscles, increase lung-power and detoxify your body. Moving furniture is no exception, and anyone who has spent a day working alongside furniture removalists will agree.

An alternative to dreading moving day is to see it as an opportunity to exercise and burn calories. By organising your schedule, furniture moving can be a novel alternative to a workout, or even the start of your new exercise regimen. Whatever way you look at it, packing boxes and lugging heavy furniture will burn calories. Removalists are real life examples of strength and fitness levels that can be attained by moving furniture.

How many calories will I burn?

Depending on your body weight and fitness level, you will burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour while moving furniture. Your efforts over the space of a couple of moving days could result in you burning several thousand calories, or the equivalent of 6 whole milk Starbucks coffees, 3 Snickers bars, and 4 cans of Coca-Cola. You won’t become totally lean and mean overnight, but the practical reality of furniture moving calorie burning might just be the jump-start you need to see getting in shape as a reality. Here are a few more ideas to increase calorie burning while moving furniture.

Begin by stretching

Before you even begin heavy lifting, it’s a good idea to do some warm-up exercises. You will burn more calories by sustaining energy over time, rather than relying on brute strength to lift the heaviest box or furnishing. By stretching out you will minimise the chance of pulling muscles or straining your back.

Invest in a weight lifting belt

Professional movers, athletes and weight lifters often wear a weight lifting belt. They protect the back from hyper-extension and minimise chances of spinal compression during heavy lifting. Weight lifting belts are available at sporting goods stores.

Eat healthy and keep hydrated

Prior to furniture moving day you can eat as normal, or even stock up on carbohydrates such as those found in pasta. It’s a different story on moving day though, and you will need to remain hydrated. Remember to eat juicy fruits and succulent vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Citrus fruits are a great tonic: they are known to possess fat burning properties and aid energy levels.

Use those muscles

There are various trolleys and carts that professional movers use to make the job easier. However, if burning calories is your objective, you can carry one box at a time. There is no need to mimic the Incredible Hulk though: lift within reasonable limitations to avoid any risk of injury.

Sit for success

You will need to take plenty of breaks during the moving process. The guys can go all day, and they are used to it, but if you are only moderately fit you will need a rest every hour or so. While taking a break, try to refrain from lying down. Apart from the fact you may not want to get up again and continue with the move, lying down burns less calories than sitting.

Choose the stairs

The elevator will be a temptation if you are moving into an apartment, and it’s a good means of transporting awkward or fragile items. Introducing stairs to your moving workout will test your leg muscles, and if the load is a little too heavy, consider riding up the elevator and walking back down the stairs. It will give you a moment or two to catch your breath and loosen up.

Celebrate your achievement

A day or two moving house deserves to be rewarded. Improving fitness and burning calories is an ongoing quest, interspersed with moments of celebration. Make sure to thank friends and reward yourself in whatever way your style dictates, whether it be a glass of bubbly, or by putting your feet up and enjoying a piece of chocolate. And if you still feel you haven’t had enough of a workout, be patient. By the time you wake in the morning your aching muscles will remind you that they are back in action.

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