Moving Out: Fear of the Unknown is Normal

Moving Out: Fear of the Unknown is Normal

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Home for many of us is our comfort zone where we can relax and be ourselves. Our family and living situation shapes our nature, preferences and lifestyle from a very young age. Our views are dramatically influenced by the home we grow up in and have become accustomed to, including relationships with family members. Our family is our sounding board for living with others and an influence on the type of residence we choose later in life.
Fear of leaving behind the familiar and secure can be a stumbling block toward real independence. Fortunately, your concerns can be greatly eased with the assistance of supportive family members and a professional moving company. Sydney Moving understands the complications and stress involved with moving, and will set your concerns at ease with their professional and thorough approach to relocation.
People are living at home longer than previous generations with many young adults seemingly stifled regarding spreading their wings and moving away from the comfort zone of home and family. This rite of passage has been part of Australian culture for generations, and although young adults are still encouraged to go out into the world and make a name for themselves many find it hard to get moving.
Self-reliance and independence is still considered important, but has become a challenge for many. The cost of housing and rentals can be a stumbling-block but that is only part of the equation for young people who are reluctant to move on with their lives. Many people are afraid of change and not yet socialised enough to move out of home with the confidence required. It’s a good idea for family and friends to assist with advice about moving, including contacting Sydney Moving, a company that will make the move a lot easier.
It pays to realise it’s normal to feel anxious about moving away from familiar surroundings. Home is the lens we are used to seeing ourselves through, and for some the fear of moving is a reflection of our perceived inability to navigate life’s challenges. Many young adults from single parent households may have their parent in mind, wondering how they will cope in separation. It’s important to talk with family and loved ones in order to ease any concerns before moving on with confidence.
For many, adulthood is starting almost a decade later than it did for previous generations, with some people not even considering moving away from home until in their late 20’s. The fear of moving can over time become a deep set paralysis. Society is changing and so are our habits, but fear of leaving comfortable familiarity behind is still a temporary phase in life. With the assistance of family and the expertise of Sydney Moving, the ability to stand tall in the broader world will be a lot easier, and much more exciting than you can possibly imagine.
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