Move or Renovate Your House?

Move or Renovate?

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A time comes when many families outgrow their home, but what is the next step: stay and renovate, or move on to a bigger home. A number of factors will help you make the choice, including lifestyle and budget. It’s time to weigh up the options.
Ask yourself the following:

  • Do local council laws allow for a suitable renovation?
  • Are you planning to stay in the local area long-term?
  • Does the local area suit your lifestyle needs: schools, community facilities, shopping, transport?
  • Can you tolerate your home being turned into a building site for several months?
  • Do you have the desire to supervise the renovation?

The cost of renovating

It’s important to know how much your home will be worth after the renovations. Research the local area and investigate house prices nearby to make sure you don’t overcapitalise by renovating. You will need to invest in an architect to draw-up council approved plans, and also get reliable quotes from reputable builders. You may also need speak to a lender about taking out a loan to cover renovation costs.
Living in a building site

Renovating is a big step and can mean living with building dust and piles of materials in the yard, plus contractors needing constant access to your personal living space. Depending on the degree of renovations, you may have to move out with your family for a while, further adding to expenses.

Signs that it could be time to move on:

  • You need access to schools and community facilities.
  • You would prefer a larger outdoor and garden space.
  • It will bring you closer to friends and family.
  • Your present neighbourhood is too noisy.
  • Council won’t approve your renovation plans.
  • You don’t want to overcapitalise on your present home.

Decision time

Moving and renovating are both big decisions, and are ultimately decided with the overall benefit of the entire family in mind. If deciding to move, Sydney Moving are the reputable city-wide company for small and large moves. They can provide an accurate quote, arrive in a suitable vehicle with enough men to get the job done properly, and have everything moved same-day to your new address. Sydney Moving turns your big decision into an easy move you won’t regret.
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