How to Stretch Your Moving Budget

How to Stretch Your Moving Budget

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Moving can be a stressful and expensive experience so any way you can find to alleviate the tension and save your bank account is a bonus. If you are soon to be moving in the Sydney area, keep these following tips in mind for a stress-fee money saving move.
#1 Sell or Donate Things You No Longer Want or Need

We all collect things over time that either we use for a while and then put away or that just end up collecting dust in a basement or garage. Oftentimes, we completely forget about these things until we are packing them into a van or until the movers are conducting furniture removals. Either way, why do it when it will undoubtedly cost more to transport them? Moving companies charge by distance and by weight. The heavier the load, the more money goes straight out of your hands and into theirs and all for stuff you don’t even want. Donating your items to charity can serve as a tax right off down the road so make sure to ask for a receipt. And, of course, selling your unnecessary items can earn you a little extra cash for the move ahead.
#2 Make Sure You Get Your Apartment and Utility Deposits Back

If you have been renting an apartment or home, more likely than not you were required to put down a sizeable deposit, usually between one and two months rent. Assuming you have taken good care of the home during your tenancy, you are entitled to have the money returned. Typically, you will receive the money within a week or two of vacating the space, just in time to help you get settled in your new home. Make sure to keep the telephone number, email, and address of the landlord or realtor so that you can contact them if you do not receive the money in a timely fashion.
Utility companies will also usually charge a fee when you set up your account with them. If you have a stellar payment record, ask the company for your deposit back early and see if they will write you a recommendation letter so that your next utility company may be more willing to waive your deposit requirement.
#3 Clip Some Coupons

Coupons can save you significant money on all sorts of things including groceries and packing materials. Whether you are looking to save some money before or after the move, check online or sign up for mail-in coupons to get more value for your money.
#4 Shop Around For Insurance Coverage on your New Home

Start by asking your current insurance company what they estimate the cost would be to cover your new home. If the amount seems to be quite high, shop around online to see if you can find a more reasonable price. Also make sure that you are not paying for coverage that you don’t need.
#5 Stay One Step Ahead When Looking for Employment

If you are moving for personal reasons or for a job your spouse has been offered, start looking for a new job before you get to your new destination. Search job boards, look at the local classifieds, and start networking. Also check to see whether your spouse’s company will provide some assistance to compensate you for job loss.

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