How to Organise Your New Home -

How to Organise Your New Home

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Are the drawers in your study overflowing with bits of paper, wardrobes a mess of clothes and accessories haphazardly thrown together, and bathroom and kitchen cabinets a jumble of utensils and products? You’re certainly not alone if that sounds like you. If getting organised has always seemed totally overwhelming, take the opportunity of moving to ensure your home is a model of organised bliss right from the beginning. Everything needs to be given a new home anyway so you may as well start as you mean to go on by laying the foundations for a well-organised and ordered house.

In order to be ordered, you need a storage system which works. Every little item in your home should have a permanent place to live and the entire family needs to know where that is and respect that. Think about how often you use each item – things that are often used should be easy to get to, whereas items that are rarely needed or only appear at certain times of the year should be stored neatly away.

As your home’s busiest workspace, the kitchen needs to be well organised in order to function effectively. The kitchens that work the best boast clutter-free benchtops and different cabinets dedicated to specific categories – dried goods in one area, pots and pans stored close to the cooktop, appliances close to hand in another cabinet, utensils stacked in jars close to the cooktop, linen in drawers, and cleaning products under the sink with a child lock if you have kids.

Your bathroom should double as an area of relaxation and one of function and both roles require organisation and a complete lack of clutter. Store beauty products in one cabinet, keeping the best to display, dental care items on a separate shelf, and toilet rolls and air fresheners out of the way but with easy access. Invest in a lockable medicine cabinet to keep essential items together but out of reach of small children. It’s also a good idea to keep a pre-packed first aid kit close to hand both here and in the kitchen.
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Kids’ stuff
It can sometimes feel as if kids’ toys, clothes and assorted items have grown legs and scattered themselves around your home. There’s no doubt about it, it’s certainly more challenging to keep your home tidy and ordered when you’ve got kids. However, it’s not impossible – just ensure that everything has its place. Store toys away in chests, boxes and baskets and keep books, games and craft items in a dedicated room, whether that’s a play room or your kids’ room, on shelves. As soon as they’re old enough to move about independently and understand instructions, ensure they take responsibility for their own belongings.

If you’re lucky enough to have a study in which to keep all important documents, great, if not then find somewhere suitable, such as a cupboard in your bedroom or a foldaway desk in your living area. Keep all legal and official documents, for example passports, birth and marriage certificates, financial documents and insurance papers, in one spot, ideally a safe or a fireproof box.

A bit of time spent organising your belongings in your new home at the start will save you heaps of time and stress in the future. In order to give yourself a head start, be sure to group items for packing and clearly write the room they are destined for on each box.
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