How to Move Your Pets

How to Move Your Pets

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Moving can be a difficult experience for those with pets, but by making some preparations ahead of time, you can make the process far easier for your pets and yourself. Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure smooth removals from one home to the next.


Scope Out the Situation

Find out all the details that you will need to know regarding your pets in a new location like Sydney. If you’re moving to an apartment, make sure the landlord accepts animals. Find out whether there are any permit or licenses you need to have, especially if you have an exotic pet. Rules on this can vary from state to state, so this is especially important if you are moving far away. You should also find out what veterinarians are in town and try to get a recommendation. Make copies of your pet’s current vet records to ensure the best possible care in the new city.


Get a Pet Carrier

If you’re going to travel with a pet, it is absolutely necessary for you to have a secure pet carrier, especially if you are going to be on the road for a long time. Putting a blanket or newspapers in the carrier can help you avoid pet accidents in the car, and keeping the pet safely contained with the door securely latched is a good way to make sure there are no escapes from the vehicle. Additionally, pets with the run of the car can be a big distraction to drivers, so transporting a pet safely can lead to a safer experience for the people as well.


Getting Acclimated to the Car

If you have a larger pet that is not a seasoned traveler, go for short rides before the big trip to get the pet used to being a passenger. In addition to making the pet more comfortable, it will prepare you for problems that may arise, particularly with motion sickness. If you find out that your dog or cat gets queasy in the car, ask your vet about medication that can be taken beforehand to help the trip go more smoothly.


On the Road

Make sure that you make fairly frequent stops. Bring a leash and take your dog for walks at rest stops. Avoid feeding pets for several hours before departure, and only feed them once during the day while you are on the road. You should give them water on these breaks, however, to help them stay hydrated. It’s a good idea to bring your own water from back at home, since water can be slightly different in other places, and it’s better for a pet to have consistency. Both larger and smaller pets need to remain at a comfortable temperature, so when it’s hot, make sure you have air conditioning or at least keep the windows open a crack – though not wide enough for a pet to get out.


Staying Overnight

Plan ahead to find accommodations that take pets. In your room, you should have a good supply of water and pet food from home, a leash, a brush, medications, extra towels and toys or blankets from home that will bring the pet a sense of comfort. Soon you’ll be at your new home and it will be time to adjust to a brand new residence.


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