How to Disassemble Furniture, Hire a Furniture Removalist

How to Disassemble Furniture, Hire a Furniture Removalist

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Furniture Removalist tips. Furniture disassembly and reassembly are two important processes of residential or office relocation. It’s the only way of moving large furniture through small doorways, windows, narrow hallways, and staircase. The process is very intricate and requires expert handling as the parts, or entire furniture can suffer serious damage if you ignore right disassembly/assembly process.

It’s always advised to let professional office movers or furniture removalists handle this process for you. It saves you the time and stress involved (backaches and headaches). Professional furniture removalists will not only protect your furniture from damage but will ensure the process is smooth and hitch free.

If however, you insist on DIY, here is a detailed guideline on how to disassemble large furniture and prepare them for a move.

Read the Furniture Manual Carefully

Dismountable furniture all have complete manual designed to guide you through the process of disassembling them. Your first step is to read through these manuals to figure out the design of your furniture. Find out how you can dismantle them effectively. You can look up the internet and research the furniture type for more clarifications.

Get the Right Tools

After figuring out how to disassemble your furniture, the next step is to get all the tools you need to begin the process. Here is why you need a furniture removalist to aid you with this process. It’s almost impossible to have all the special tools required for dismantling large furniture. Without the right set of tools, you will surely find it difficult to work on these pieces and you don’t want to be stuck on a part where you don’t have the tools.

If you have no experience with hand tools, your best option is to let a furniture removalist help you with this step while you watch how to get it done.

Get a Zip Bag for the Nuts

While you get down to business, get a sandwich bag for the bolts and nuts. As you take the furniture about so you don’t lose them. You can get a bag for each furniture-set and dump all the screws, fittings and every other particle inside the zip bag.

Use masking tape to attach each bag to the larger chunk of furniture and label them appropriately to avoid mixing them up in your new home.

Packing and Transportation

With your furniture thoroughly disassembled, it’s easier to pack in a moving package and transport to your new location. Discuss your packing material option with your furniture removalist for safe transportation to your new location.

Assembling In Your New Location

With your furniture successfully moved to your new location, the following steps will help you get them back in shape.

Study the Manual Again

It’s easier to disassemble furniture, and when you ignore any crucial step, you could disfigure the entire furniture. Take your time and study the manual and all the materials used on the furniture.

It’s worthy to note that some furniture can only be dissembled and assembled once. Any attempt to disassemble them again will lead to permanent damage. Watch out for this type of furniture and seek professional help from furniture removalists.

Detach the zip bag with the bolts and nuts and carefully fit them in using the right tools. Ensure to properly fit in every tool to the right part where they should be and tighten them back using the specified gauge. You can lubricate the bolts if necessary before you screw them back to the furniture.

Bottom Line

You can opt to DIY and disassemble your furniture for a move, but it’s important you note that there is more to it than being a handyman. The tips above will guide you through the process. You can also seek professional help and contact us for expert furniture removalist services today!

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