How to Design Creative & Stylish Space for Your Children

How to Design Creative, Stylish Space for Your Children

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Designing a creative and captivating space for your kids does not have to be a convoluted process, an exercise in which you need the help of a specialist. Depending on your house, the space allocated to children’s room and playground, you may be able to create a lovely cocoon for your little ones without breaking your bank. If you live in Sydney or its vicinity, you can apply a few effective measures to design a game space that is appealing yet informative to your offspring.
Stay Within Your Budget
Stay within your budget when you design your kids’ play space. If you are converting an old section of the house into the playground, enlist the help of specialists. Professionals adept at furniture removals and home removals can help you design a fun space that is healthy for your loved ones. Before starting the design process, write down typical expenses and add them up to find your total budget. This is the magic number you cannot exceed, says John M., a Sydney-based expert removalist who has worked on projects both big and small.
Focus on Creativity, Artistic Laissez-Faire
When designing your kids’ play space – and room, for that matter – you should focus on creativity and artistic laissez-faire. Don’t limit your imagination, so try new things. For example, if your 2-year-old daughter is a Cinderella aficionada, decorate her room with paraphernalia belonging to the famous Walt Disney character. To spur your creative muscle, shop around to get some ideas. A good resource is the Home & Garden TV’s resource on how to decorate a kid’s home.
Enlist Your Children’s Help – and Imaginative Power
Don’t forget the most important element in the decoration process: your kids. Children love it when parents associate them to activities involving organization, coordination, decision making and role playing. You would be surprised that your little ones have enough imagination to help you create a stylish space that both and they relish. Remember, you must ask your children about things like design colour, theme and lighting as well as the more amorphous notion of “what persona they want to resemble.” This is very important because the last thing you want, for example, is to decorate your 3-year-old son’s room à la Superman, whereas his preference veers rather in Harry Potter’s direction.
Create Innovative Interiors
You can use various tactics to embellish your kids’ playground, especially the interiors. Try to use removable decals, go for affordable sheets and curtains, and make sure you use two or three main colours that you repeat across the room. Also, use wallpaper or graphics as a focal point, an important element to centre your kids’ attention as they engage in play.

Cheverny child room...

You can create a sleek and playful space for your children if you follow specific measures and stick to your budget. Other key things to consider include seeking from your kids, apply innovation in the decoration process, and hire a professional designer, if needed.
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12 responses to “How to Design Creative, Stylish Space for Your Children”

  1. Ruth Martin says:

    We have been working on redoing a few rooms in our house. Our children are 4 & 6, and we want to redo their playroom. Thanks for the helpful tips – I like the removable decals idea for the walls.

  2. Lisa Renee says:

    We want to create a children’s corner in our chiropractic office. Do you have any names of decorators you can recommend in New York, USA area?

  3. Alaina Smithsonia says:

    I’d love to make a great looking room for our kids to play in, but my biggest fear is that they will ruin it. Do you have any ideas on how to make it baby/small child-proof?

  4. Marcille Fressna says:

    This idea of a children’s space also applies to a room for homeschooling. We are just starting out as home-school parents and are converting one of our small rooms into a schoolroom. The removable decals would also work excellent for educational things.

  5. Rissa Martini says:

    Staying within one’s budget is always important, thanks for the reminder. We are located approx. 50 miles outside Sydney. How far do you guys move things? We are moving in a couple weeks and need help. Sorry if my comment is off topic…

  6. Dahlia Finsel says:

    One of my friends recently did something to their children’s room which I thought an excellent idea. She painted one complete wall with chalkboard paint, (can be bought in most paint/hardware stores). I plan on doing it in our play area too. It makes room for a lot of creativity and perhaps keeps the kids from writing on the other walls.

  7. Wonda Kendell says:

    Dahlia – I LOVE the chalkboard paint idea! Never saw it before, do you know if the paint comes in different colors? And how durable and washable is it? For example, can ink and marker be washed off easily?

  8. L.R. Marti says:

    Could you possibly refer any reputable, professional children’s room decorators to us? I wish we could do it ourselves, but we just don’t have the time.

  9. Erica Ulrich says:

    I love Pinterest, it’s a great place to gets hundreds of creative ideas for decorating rooms, etc. You can even find lots of DIY stuff. I just redid my 12 yr old daughter’s room, using only ideas I found on Pinterest. She love’s it!

  10. Eliesha Prill says:

    Love the classic, old fashioned room in the picture. Those toy horses are adorable. I also really like the floor.

  11. Shuronne Centeno says:

    My 10 yr. old daughter Melissa says she wants a room done all in horses. Will be fun collecting everything for her room, since I am also a horse lover :)

  12. Marsha says:

    Do any of you have suggestions for our 7 yr old twins’ bedroom? They like cars and monster trucks. I’d appreciate any tips or ideas. I think I’ll also try looking on Pinterest.