How to Choose the Best Colour Mix in Your House

How to Choose the Best Colour Mix in Your House

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Your house is your oasis, and you’re right in attempting to make it the most appealing possible. But while embarking on the colourisation bandwagon, remember a few tips. Know what you want, but seek professional insight to ensure you’re on the right track for a specific project—depending on your cosmetic goals, the residence’s size, and how soon you want the project completed. Also, pay attention to your budget and get others’ feedback, if needed.

Know What You Want
Construction experts often say that colours “talk,” meaning they project an air of intimacy and shed light on people’s inner selves. In other words, colours say a lot about your personality. So determine what you want in your house and make sure everything is in sync throughout the residence. For example, if you are a pink aficionada, make sure that colour fits nicely with other hues in your home, says Steven W., a Sydney-based interior designer and expert removalist.

Seek Expert Insight
When selecting colours to display in your abode, you should seek an expert’s insight. Not that the specialist would tell you which hues to select, but he or she can provide relevant tips on the overall architectural and aesthetic bent of your beautification project. In clear, the expert can tell you what the current trends are—in terms of colours and “hue mix”—how to reduce expenses, where to buy quality paints, and how to complete tasks within deadlines.

Peek Into Your Wallet
Peek into your wallet to stay within your budget, an important exercise to reduce long-term renovation costs. When planning a painting job, think about everything from “moving in” to “moving out,” says Steven W., the expert in furniture removals. For example, you certainly don’t want to choose pricey paint or rare hues if you don’t plan to live in the house for a long time. Aligning your budget with your paint job makes economic sense because the last thing you want is to deal with cost overruns, the kind that poke a hole in your finances and forces you to take on debt to complete a home-beautification project.

Get Others’ Feedback
Experts are not the only people you should talk to when planning your decoration initiative. Chat with relatives, friends and colleagues. Their collective wisdom is helpful, especially if selecting hues and displaying them nicely are not your forte. I’m sure you would find someone well versed in interior design in your personal or social network—or someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone. You get the point: seek feedback from people around you to avoid costly mistakes in your project.

Don’t plan your home beautification alone, because there is no need to. To boost your odds of success, do your homework in advance and know what you want. Talk to the right people—including experts along with acquaintances and family members—and make sure you stay within your budget.

By Corey K (follow me on Google Plus)

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