How Much Does a Removalist Cost?

How Much Does a Removalist Cost

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Whether you are planning to make your next move around the block or interstate, chances are you will require the services of a removalist company. There are quite a few expenses involved in relocating: connection of power, phone and internet, plus ongoing mortgage or rent payments…just to name a few. You will also need to budget for the move itself, but how can you budget if you have no idea how much it will cost?

The cost of moving your belongings will depend on many factors including: 

  • How much furniture and belongings you want to move
  • The size of the truck required
  • How many trips back and forth between your old and new residences
  • The distance you are moving
  • Choosing full service, partial service or loading your own possessions

The easiest way to get an accurate appraisal of costs is for a representative to visit you at home and discuss your needs. A reliable moving company can also assist over the phone or online to give you a ball-park costing to work with.

Some novice removalists and fly-by-night operators will price your move at a cost that seems too good to be true – and it usually is. They will give a base figure to entice you, before hitting you with the actual cost. The best way to get an accurate costing is to provide your moving company with an inventory of your goods, the location of your present and new residences, and the day or time that suits you.

By visiting in person, a removalist will also be able to determine any access difficulties or parking problems, and provide the right vehicle for your individual circumstances.

Additional factors that influence cost:

  • Removalists charge by the hour, so a faster move equals less expense. Plan and pack ahead of time to save money.
  • If you are doing the boxing, have them taped, labelled and ready to move when the removalist arrives.
  • Determine how many movers you need. If you and friends are assisting with the loading it could save time. On the other hand, inexperienced movers could waste truck space, load things badly and damage items. Two or three experienced movers will do a better and faster job than twice as many enthusiastic but inexperienced helpers.
  • For a small move without heavy lifting, you can save money by using a smaller truck and one mover instead of two.
  • Heavy and fragile items such as pool tables require special trolleys and possibly hydraulic lifts to move. Moving companies have all the right equipment.

The best way of making your move inexpensive is to do whatever you can to assist. The more time, planning and effort you make, the easier, faster and cheaper the move will be.

It takes a long time to accumulate a house full of belongings so don’t underestimate the time it will take to box and pack everything. Hiring a DIY moving truck can also be tempting, and although it can be cheaper you will also have to factor in petrol, insurance and any delays that might result in an extra days hire.

Most importantly, go with a reputable and professional moving company.

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