Home Improvements Before the Big Move

Home Improvements Before the Big Move

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Moving house includes a comprehensive to-do list, but one area often overlooked is the condition of your present home. Whether you are planning to sell the house, leave it unoccupied, or advertise it for rental, moving is the perfect time for repair or improvement. Sydney movers will transport all your belongings, leaving you with an opportunity for timely renovations. The home value will increase along with buyer or renter interest. There are several areas where renovations are important.

Kitchen: A makeover for your kitchen will provide a fresh and attractive feel, and increase the home’s value. All potential buyers and renters are impressed with a nice kitchen. Depending on your budget, it could be a good time to update cabinets, appliances, and counters. The expense will be more than worth it when it comes to resale value of your home.

Landscaping: Moving time is busy, but by planning ahead your gardens can look neat and tidy by the time your are ready to move. You may prefer the services of professional landscaping experts to create an entirely new look. If you want to keep expenses down, break out the lawnmower and hedge clippers and give your lawns and gardens a good once-over. A clean and tidy yard and garden is a major selling point for buyers or renters, and the effect can be achieved for almost zero expense. A well kept garden inspires buyers to believe the rest of the house has also been lovingly cared for.

Painting: This is another inexpensive improvement that can add thousands of dollars improved value to your home. Your walls may look tired and listless. Softer tones of whites and creams can transform your home into a contemporary show-piece ready for the new owner.

Lighting fixtures: Broken or cracked fixtures can be a real turn-off to potential buyers. These can be easily replaced or repaired. It could also be the perfect time to replace fixtures with more contemporary designs the create a modern appeal.

The garage: Cracks or leaks in a garage or basement are easy to ignore, and are also easily overlooked as being unimportant. Once your garage is empty, give it a thorough clean and inspection for damage requiring attention. Many buyers consider the garage as a second living or entertaining area, and the tidier it is the more potential buyers your home will attract.

Sun Damage: If you are expecting your home to be empty for some time, it makes sense to avoid any harsh and damaging sunlight getting in. Draw the shades or curtains to ensure sunlight doesn’t fade furnishings or carpets.
Most home renovations are relatively inexpensive and add value to your property. All it takes is a little forward planning. Improvements can be carried out over successive months prior to the move, spreading out costs over time and allowing savings to be invested in your new home. It’s reassuring to know that when Sydney Movers have departed with your belongings your house will be ready and waiting for the next lucky owner.

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