Downsizing With Ease

Downsizing With Ease

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When moving from a large estate to a smaller condominium, downsizing is unavoidable. It can be a tight squeeze to relocate into a smaller space, and while you may have the motivation to toss out or sell unwanted belongings, actually doing it can be difficult. People downsize for a variety of reasons, such as advanced years or fluctuating housing markets. Others move to live in a more desirable neighbourhood, relocate closer to employment, or increase their entertainment and socialising options. The two major considerations in a move are location and size, and there are ways to make the move easier.
The first step is to make a considered inventory of your possessions. Take stock of the belongings that are important, and also the items you could do without, plus those which you may prefer to replace during the move. It’s a good idea to make three lists: essentials, don’t need, and replaceables. The items you don’t need include saleable items, possible donations, or things to toss away. You don’t even need to get rid of them immediately, but may do if space becomes tight. Your replaceable items are ones that could be sold and replaced with something smaller or more in keeping with the downsize. Space saving furniture comes in a variety of style and utility, often performing the exact same function as your present larger furnishings. Making an inventory will also double as a list of items for insurance purposes at your new address.
Selling possessions for cash is a great way to free up funds to purchase new items that better suit your smaller home. Hosting a yard or garage sale is a traditional method that still works, and you will pleasantly surprised just how much ready cash you have at the end of the day. Online sales are the modern method, with eBay listings an easy process for anything you want to sell. It can be a little traumatic to part with cherished possessions, but the essential nature of downsizing means that you can enter your new apartment with money to spare. If moving from a larger premises with garage or basement, remember to sell all your unused stored items that you may have been keeping for unexpected guests, or in case of breakages. If you are a clotheshorse and your storage limitations are due to an overflowing wardrobe, consider trying the one year rule. Anything that has hung around unworn for a year or more could well be excess, and selling or donating may be in order. If you don’t need it, and it is in good condition, a charity store will be happy to take it off your hands.
downsizing with ease
Keep it simple
Another way to reduce clutter in the new place is to avoid duplication. Consider how many sets of crockery or glasses you require. A smaller place is usually not designed for large gatherings and formal entertaining, so extra chairs and couches should also be dispatched to the don’t need list. If moving in with another person it will become necessary to decide who brings the various household items to the new place. It’s important that you are both on the same page and agree just how minimal the home should be.
If purchasing new items, consider ones that include storage space cavities, such as ottomans that open up and under-bed storage containers. Purchasing suitable wall shelving is also a good idea, as it gives you the option to store up instead of out, creating more living space. Whatever the motivation for downsizing, attitude is important, with an upbeat and forward thinking optimism your best assistant in making the transition.
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