Downsizing: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Downsizing: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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No longer only for “empty nesters”, downsizing is becoming more popular amongst families and couples. There are many factors at play, such as increased family time, a reduction in financial stress and a location close to entertainments and interests. Home downsizing could mean a move to a detached home, a medium-density town-house or a high-density apartment complex.

Sydney Moving has become a sought after removals company for moves all around the city, being fully experienced in dealing with difficult access in all building types. Your downsize will be accomplished easily with the help of our experts. Nevertheless, there are many considerations when deciding which style of residence suits your downsize. Here are just a few pointers:

  • Look for design aspects that take full advantage of the area and minimise wasted space.
  • Choose a home that offers a view, providing a sense of openness.
  • Make sure to measure your furniture before the move to ensure it will fit comfortably.
  • Ascertain whether a potential apartment has a shared courtyard or space for socialising.
  • Thoroughly investigate all hidden costs and body corporate fees.

Many inner-city apartments are actually quite roomy on the inside, and you may be surprised to find it has some similar dimensions to your existing home. The majority of your furniture may be suitable for relocation in the new apartment, saving you money on new furniture purchases. Older style semi-detached houses were traditionally built with high ceilings, which create the feeling of spaciousness even in a medium sized room. If you are lucky you could even discover a home with a handy loft or basement; perfect for storage.

Once you have decided where to downsize, it’s time to assess your belongings, and part with unnecessary items. You will also need to get creative with storage solutions and introduce family habits that will make the new household flow smoothly. Some people find it hard to part with possessions, deciding to sort it all out at the new place. In many cases, after the rigours of moving, the sort-out phase is delayed and the family is forced to live in a cramped and impractical environment. Eventually you will realise you have no space or use for all the extra possessions and have to get rid of them anyway, so it is practical to do this prior to the move.

With space at a premium, furniture that serves multiple purposes can go a long way toward avoiding clutter. It’s also a good idea to invest in built-in appliances that take advantage of any nook or corner. A sofa bed is almost de rigeuer for town-house and apartment dwellers who have friends or family visiting from time to time. It can be set up in a bedroom, study or lounge and is easily unfolded for use at a moments notice.

Home decorating is an art form as precise as origami when space is limited. Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space but don’t add too many as the effect will become akin to living in a fun park mirror maze. Slimline sofas are a great idea – even ten or twenty centimetres saved will provide a lot of additional comfort for movement around the room.

There are lots of advantages in living together under a smaller roof. For example, a computer in the living area will assist by decreasing alienation within the family, and also provide opportunity for parents to supervise their children a little more closely without seeming overbearing. Believe it or not, every child doesn’t need to have their own bedroom, and many kids find the company of their siblings a positive influence.

Downsizing may involve compromise but there is always an upside to every adjustment we have to make, especially when it comes to learning how to respect and share. It’s actually very common to hear a successful person attribute their success to an upbringing with a close and loving family who understood the value of each others company.

Downsizing is often a positive move, and removalists are on hand to get the ball rolling in the next phase of your life adventure.

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