Do-Not-Move Items

Do-Not-Move Items

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Moving can be a big hassle. Often times, when offices are being packed up in preparation for a big move, people tend to pack items that can’t or shouldn’t be shipped. Great care must be taken to ensure that these items are left off of your packing list.
Hazardous Materials
Office removals often include a variety of hazardous materials. It is important to remember that flammable, corrosive or explosive materials cannot be shipped in taxi trucks. Some of these items include ammunition, matches, aerosols, ammonia, gasoline, fireworks and paints.
These items cannot be moved simply because they pose a risk to the movers and to the employees who are packing the boxes. Many of these items should be disposed of properly before your company moves to their new office.
If you must transport specific hazardous materials to your new office, it’s best to seek out an individual or company that specializes in this type of shipping and transportation business.
Some businesses have no choice but to transport hazardous materials. These types of businesses include exterminators, retailers, painters and cleaning companies. If you own a business that uses chemicals or other hazardous materials on a daily basis, you will be expected to transport the chemicals yourself. An office removals company cannot be held responsible for the safe keeping of any type of hazardous material.
It is widely understood that most businesses own a small amount of cleaning supplies for daily cleaning purposes. Depending on the type of product and its components, some of these items may be included in moving shipments. You should check with your moving company to see whether or not these items can be packed with the rest of your shipment.
Perishables, Plants and Other Living Things
Perishables should not be included in your company’s shipment to their new office location. Food items may become spoiled in the process, jars of food may break and plants will die if they don’t receive the correct amount of water.
During an office removal, all perishable items should be disposed of immediately, regardless of the distance of your move. When perishable items become spoiled, the smell will cause great discomfort for you, your employees and the shipping company.
Personal Belongings
In rare cases, shipments may get lost or damaged. Because of these possibilities, personal belongings should never be included in large shipments.
The most important of these items are any type of financial records and any employee files. If something was to happen to your shipment and these documents were to get lost or destroyed, the affects on your company would be detrimental. Personal information that’s left out in the open is never good, especially for your employees.
Computer hard drives should also be left out of any type of shipment. Secured transport should be used to protect the information that’s stored on your computers and any relevant external drives. If you’re unable to use secured transport, it’s best to use a trustworthy employee to assist with the moving process.
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