Do Moving Companies Provide Boxes?

Do Moving Companies Provide Boxes?

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As the countdown to moving day draws near, you will probably begin by starting to pack all your belongings ready for removal. At this point, you will realise the variety of boxes and packing materials required for a safe and secure move. Expenses can quickly add up and it could be worth consulting your removal company regarding provision of boxes, including packing services. Moving companies have a comprehensive range of boxes and packing materials readily available at competitive prices.


Almost everyone underestimates the number of boxes and amount of tape required when moving home or office. If you think you need ten boxes, you probably actually require twenty. Still, this seems no drama, as there are plenty of cardboard recycling bins behind shops and industry, where boxes are usually free for removal. Of course, it could rain and ruin your chances for collection, or you could end up with a bunch of flimsy and impractical boxes that need extensive taping and repair even before they can be used for anything.
Time is money, and valuables are worth protecting. After all the trouble of collecting used boxes and packing everything yourself, it will only take one or two damaged items to make the energy invested a waste of time and money. For this reason, removalists have the right box or container for every item. Professional grade moving boxes are the answer.


Here is a basic guide to packing materials:

Packing MaterialPacking items Benefits
Port-a-robeSuits, pants, shirts, skirts, etc.Clothing can remain on hangers, preventing wrinkling or creasing
Tube wrapping China, glassware, crystal, ornaments Secure protection against breakage or chipping
Priority cartons Keys, cables, remotes, etc. Provides fast and convenient access to things you need
Picture/art cartons Pictures, paintings, mirrors Protects against chipped or broken glass and frames
TV cartons TV cartons with polystyrene inserts The equivalent of factory packing
Bubble wrap Whiteware, appliances, tables, chairs Great protection against chipping and scratching
Mattress protectorsAll sized bed mattresses Wear and weather protection during transit
Bicycle cartons All bikes Provides maximum protection
Golf bag carton Golf clubs and bag Full protection

The above list should provide you with a guideline for your personalised move

Self packing or professional packing

There is no right or wrong answer regarding options to do the packing yourself or to get the professionals to do it for you. Your decision will be based on financial considerations, time constraints, and experience with prior moves. You may also decide to do some of the packing yourself, while leaving expensive or fragile items in the hands of the experts.


Professional packing includes adequate protection of belongings before stowing them in suitable cartons or containers. The packing is conveniently carried out in your home, with all cartons and packages numbered and labelled for easy identification and inventory management.


Moving experts are available to visit you at home and discuss all your packing and moving requirements. Relocating to a new home or office can be a stressful time that is made much more pleasurable with expert assistance. Choosing the right removalist company is the initial step in the procedure, and selecting a company with years of experience and a great customer reputation is important.


Return boxes and packing materials

If you prefer to do the packing yourself, the moving company can provide all the boxes you require. There are however, other materials you will need to do the job properly, and it could cost you less to have the removalist do it all for you. Additional materials can include:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape dispensers
  • Lots of paper
  • Marking pens
  • Packaging string
  • Foam fill
  • Mattress and furniture protectors
  • Assorted wrapping materials
  • Moving blankets

Moving companies understand that it’s difficult to estimate the exact quantity of boxes you need for the move, so any unused boxes returned in as-new condition are fully refundable.

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