Choosing the Right Suburb to Call Home

Choosing the Right Suburb to Call Home

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Selecting the right place to live often comes down to your own personal needs and those of your family. There are many elements to take into consideration before signing off on a new mortgage or lease prior to Sydney Moving relocating your belongings.
What aspects of the locality do you deem important? If you have a large family a big supermarket nearby can be very handy. Are you a pet owner requiring a park to walk the dog, or an outdoor lover who likes to have attractive views? Do you need to factor in a new school for your children? Before making your relocation choice take some time out to compile a list of priorities.
Sydney is an expansive city comprised of four major suburb types, and your list of priorities will help you choose the location that suits your style. Sydney Moving is the popular choice for relocation to all areas of our vast city.
The Inner City

This option is often the choice of younger people and active CBD workers. If you have a need for an exciting night life with classy amenities nearby, being near the busy city hub could be for you. The inner city is home to an endless array of restaurants, music venues, nightclubs, cinemas and theatres, and the opportunity to mingle with people from all walks of life. This is where your priority check-list comes in handy.

  • Do you eat out or visit entertainment venues more than a couple of times per week?
  • Do you prefer to use public transport or cycle?
  • Can you handle a smaller apartment?
  • Is your work in the CBD?

If so, Inner City living could be the place for you.
Urban City Fringe

Generally, the closer to the city centre you live, the more expensive it will be. You may enjoy the vibrant energy and night life but are not able to afford all the trappings, including a high-end apartment. The city fringe may well suit your needs.

Suburbs on the city fringe are often very trendy and within close enough proximity to catch all the action without eating into transport costs. The urban city fringe areas are also more family friendly, and have their own social facilities such as weekend markets and funky establishments. These suburbs are a good option for couples who have decided to start a family.

  • Do you want to live close to the city but have a limited budget?
  • Do you require a local park for play or exercise?
  • Are you looking for a slightly relaxed space yet want to be close to the city action?
  • Are you searching for a place with a yard or outdoor space?

The trendy urban city fringe could be for you.
Family Friendly

Bigger families require more space. For the same price as a small town house close to the city you can buy or rent a property with a large yard, nearby parks and schools, and a community of neighbours with needs similar to your own. Family friendly suburbs are situated close to shopping centres or at least a decently sized supermarket. Public transport options abound, ideal for kids going to and from school or sports activities. Family friendly suburbs are usually quieter, more regulated, and routine; perfect for mum and dad needing to juggle work, home, and kids.

  • Do you have children or pets?
  • Are you a two (or more) car family?
  • Do you require outdoor space?
  • Do you enjoy entertaining at home?

The family friendly suburb could be the place for you.
Rural Metropolitan

Many residents of larger cities have moved from the country. The outer rural region is suitable for nature lovers and those hankering for fresh air, quietude, and views. It is also a great option for people wanting to slow down away from the rush of the city.

  • Do you need a peaceful environment to function properly?
  • Are you working from home or employed in a rural area?
  • Do you like to keep large animals such as horses or sheep?
  • Are you a fan of home cooking and solitude?

The outer rural metropolitan area could be a place you like to call home.
When you understand your priorities it’s easy to begin choosing a suitable home. Work out your needs and those of your family while taking into consideration that certain sacrifices may have to be made. When all is said and done, the right place will choose you as much as you choose it. Most people know they have found their home as soon as they see it and walk in the door. Once the desirable location has been settled give Sydney Moving a call. They will take all the stress out of relocating your precious belongings and free you up to explore all that your new neighbourhood has to offer.
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