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Sep 9

Moving House from Sydney to Brisbane

Australians are known to change residence and jobs more often than any other nationality. Our vast country provides opportunities for sea-change, tree-change or city lifestyle change, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon. Moving house from Sydney to Brisbane is almost as easy as moving next door when your possessions are […]

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Sep 5

Moving Home During Pregnancy

Moving home entails a degree of stress, and the difficulties increase significantly with a baby bump and unsettled hormones. Removalists provide the muscle to assist with packing, transportation, and relocation of possessions, but the following advice comes from mums who have been in similar situations. Planning the move Life is full of unexpected surprises, no […]

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Aug 27

Moving Home with a Cat

Most cats are quite territorial and appreciate familiar surroundings. They enjoy roaming around, but usually keep relatively close to home, where they feel settled and comfortable. Moving home with a cat has its share of difficulties and should be made as stress-free as possible. Advance preparation and practice will assist your cat in avoiding unwanted […]

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Aug 19

Moving Home Tips and Tricks

Moving home can be a huge undertaking, especially if you have children and pets to consider. But by planning ahead you should be able to get through the process without unnecessary stress and be ready to enjoy life at your new residence. Here are some tips that will help you make a smooth transition. Get […]

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Jul 20

How to Reduce Moving Stress

There are a lot of simple measures that will assist in reducing the stress of moving and even help you appreciate the move as a rewarding and positive experience. Here are some ideas. Set aside enough time: Sometimes responsibilities overwhelm us or unexpected duties pop up, leaving little time fit in a last minute move. […]

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Jun 18

Reasons for Moving

One hundred years ago, 95 percent of people lived and worked in a localised area, never venturing more than 50 kilometres from their place of birth. Times have changed dramatically, and these days it’s not uncommon for a person to change careers or jobs every few years, along with a complete relocation of their household. […]

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Jun 5

Fix it up or give it up? – That is the Question

Many people, especially men, get excited when imagining the potential for restoring a dilapidated house to its former glory. The sad fact is, most people are not qualified or trained to confront the range of building and renovation projects required to perform the task at hand. It doesn’t cost anything to dream, but turning those […]

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Jun 4

Downsizing: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

No longer only for “empty nesters”, downsizing is becoming more popular amongst families and couples. There are many factors at play, such as increased family time, a reduction in financial stress and a location close to entertainments and interests. Home downsizing could mean a move to a detached home, a medium-density town-house or a high-density […]

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May 8

What Women Want in a Home

In order to facilitate the needs of women, housing industry analysts attempt to determine the most appealing features of a home. According to statistics, women are a significant influence in more than 90% of new home purchases. Most women look for functionality, such as ease of cleaning or the location of the laundry, but there […]

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Apr 28

Tips for Packing Electronic Devices

Computers and electronic devices are major investments in the modern household. Whether they are used for education, work or fun, electronic devices have become an inseparable part of our existence. They help us shape our opinions, develop our talents, and provide opportunity for entertainment and relaxation. Moving electronic devices requires the attention deserving of valuable […]

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