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Jun 26

Top 7 Ideas to Use When Moving Your Home

When moving your home to and fro the Greater Sydney area, think about things like timing, packing and regulatory compliance – especially if you have, say, exotic pets or carry substances that Australian authorities deemed hazardous for the general public. This is where you might need the expertise of a specialist, such as a furniture […]

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Jun 19

Tips to Pack Your Home Quickly and Smartly

When planning a home move, pay attention to a few specific things to avoid a lacklustre outcome, one that could cost you much more money if you broke or lost high-value items. To prevent this kind of adverse scenario, prepare for the job at hand, get essential items necessary for a proper move, and organize […]

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Jun 14

Pack and Move Your Home Office the Right Way

An experienced Sydney-based removalist I’ve known for years says the most important elements of a home removals project include safety, professionalism, timing and regulatory compliance. I couldn’t agree more! To pack and move your home office the right way, seek the expertise of professionals well-versed in the subtleties of furniture removals and home removals along […]

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Jun 4

How to Design Creative, Stylish Space for Your Children

Designing a creative and captivating space for your kids does not have to be a convoluted process, an exercise in which you need the help of a specialist. Depending on your house, the space allocated to children’s room and playground, you may be able to create a lovely cocoon for your little ones without breaking […]

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May 19

How to Move an Aquarium

Moving to a different place can be a stressful experience, particularly if you have a number of valuable items or possessions that are difficult to move. Aquariums can be particularly challenging as not only are the tanks unwieldy, fish can be very easily stressed and often do not respond well to being transported. If you […]

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May 9

How to Move Your Pets

Moving can be a difficult experience for those with pets, but by making some preparations ahead of time, you can make the process far easier for your pets and yourself. Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure smooth removals from one home to the next.   Scope Out the Situation […]

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May 4

How to Stretch Your Moving Budget

Moving can be a stressful and expensive experience so any way you can find to alleviate the tension and save your bank account is a bonus. If you are soon to be moving in the Sydney area, keep these following tips in mind for a stress-fee money saving move.   #1 Sell or Donate Things […]

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Apr 9

Do-Not-Move Items

Moving can be a big hassle. Often times, when offices are being packed up in preparation for a big move, people tend to pack items that can’t or shouldn’t be shipped. Great care must be taken to ensure that these items are left off of your packing list.   Hazardous Materials Office removals often include […]

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Apr 4

How to Hold a Moving Sale

A move is a good time to get rid of a lot of the possessions that may have been weighing you down. A moving sale won’t just save you money in terms of not having to pay to move the items or pay someone to do removals. It can actually make you money. You’ll just […]

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Mar 29

How to Move Plants

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience. You take great care in packing to make sure all of your possessions arrive intact. Of course, you want to do the same with your plants. Before packing them up for a move, keep in mind that special care should be taken so they are healthy […]

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