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Oct 25

How to Pack Artwork

One of the biggest challenges when selling or moving art is packaging. Artwork needs to arrive at the destination in top condition, therefore suitable packing is essential. Some artworks are best shipped flat, while others travel better rolled – depending on the material, texture, and flexibility of the art medium. Here are some tips that […]

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Oct 7

Don’t expect much change in the property sector from the new government

Whoever said change is good obviously didn’t speak to our new Coalition government. As reported in an article on news.com.au, the indications are that they are not intending to introduce any major changes to the laws governing property any time soon. They may only be the fifth new government in forty years but, contrary to […]

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Sep 25

Feng Shui, inauspicious house numbers and a concierge – the different methods of selling to the Chinese

Selling a mansion in Sydney? An article published in Domain, the Sydney Morning Herald’s property supplement, suggests you may consider making a few changes to attract the city’s newest cashed-up arrivals. In the past year record numbers of wealthy Chinese have bought property in Sydney and what they consider important when viewing houses may not […]

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Aug 9

Top 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Renovate a Property Before Settling in It

The Australian Institute of Architects says there are various reasons why you, as a property investor, should not renovate a property before moving in it. But four motives invariably come atop the list of reasons, and it is important you keep an eye on them to avoid running afoul of the law and facing cost […]

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Jul 25

How to Choose the Best Colour Mix in Your House

Your house is your oasis, and you’re right in attempting to make it the most appealing possible. But while embarking on the colourisation bandwagon, remember a few tips. Know what you want, but seek professional insight to ensure you’re on the right track for a specific project—depending on your cosmetic goals, the residence’s size, and […]

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Jul 19

Why “Do It Yourself” May Not Be That Easy After All – and Why You Still Need Professionals for Renovation Work

Home improvement shows you watch on Australian TV or the Internet may seem rosy and packed with easy-to-implement “Do It Yourself” tips and all, but the reality often is far from the word “easy”. The thing is, there is a disconnect between TV-made, fiction-ready reality shows and what home improvement professionals face every day in […]

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Jul 11

How to Restore Your Fireplace Effectively and Cost-Effectively

Your fireplace often is the most important locale in your house—especially if it is replete with family souvenirs, or over the years has provided much-needed heat in the winter season. If you live in Sydney or its vicinity—or in any other city in Australia, for that matter—you should follow specific procedures when restoring your fireplace. […]

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Jun 26

Top 7 Ideas to Use When Moving Your Home

When moving your home to and fro the Greater Sydney area, think about things like timing, packing and regulatory compliance – especially if you have, say, exotic pets or carry substances that Australian authorities deemed hazardous for the general public. This is where you might need the expertise of a specialist, such as a furniture […]

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Jun 19

Tips to Pack Your Home Quickly and Smartly

When planning a home move, pay attention to a few specific things to avoid a lacklustre outcome, one that could cost you much more money if you broke or lost high-value items. To prevent this kind of adverse scenario, prepare for the job at hand, get essential items necessary for a proper move, and organize […]

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Jun 14

Pack and Move Your Home Office the Right Way

An experienced Sydney-based removalist I’ve known for years says the most important elements of a home removals project include safety, professionalism, timing and regulatory compliance. I couldn’t agree more! To pack and move your home office the right way, seek the expertise of professionals well-versed in the subtleties of furniture removals and home removals along […]

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