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Feb 7

Moving Out: Fear of the Unknown is Normal

Home for many of us is our comfort zone where we can relax and be ourselves. Our family and living situation shapes our nature, preferences and lifestyle from a very young age. Our views are dramatically influenced by the home we grow up in and have become accustomed to, including relationships with family members. Our […]

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Jan 31

Choosing the Right Suburb to Call Home

Selecting the right place to live often comes down to your own personal needs and those of your family. There are many elements to take into consideration before signing off on a new mortgage or lease prior to Sydney Moving relocating your belongings.   What aspects of the locality do you deem important? If you […]

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Jan 11

Move or Renovate?

A time comes when many families outgrow their home, but what is the next step: stay and renovate, or move on to a bigger home. A number of factors will help you make the choice, including lifestyle and budget. It’s time to weigh up the options.   Ask yourself the following: Do local council laws […]

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Dec 26

Relocating Musical Instruments and Recording Gear

Moving fragile recording equipment and expensive musical instruments can be a worrying time for recording artists and sound engineers. The growth of the home recording studio industry continues, and relocating such delicate equipment requires the expertise that only professionals such as Sydney Moving can provide.   Musical instruments and recording gear make up a considerable […]

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Dec 17

Moving Your Garden to a New Home

They have grown up with you and are a part of the family. With moving day drawing near it’s time to make decisions. Should you take your much loved plants along to the new home? With careful planning your plants can arrive in good condition, while adding colour and brightness to your new residence.   […]

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Nov 26

Home Improvements Before the Big Move

Moving house includes a comprehensive to-do list, but one area often overlooked is the condition of your present home. Whether you are planning to sell the house, leave it unoccupied, or advertise it for rental, moving is the perfect time for repair or improvement. Sydney movers will transport all your belongings, leaving you with an […]

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Nov 23

Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be a logistical nightmare, especially if important objectives are left until the last minute. Here is a user friendly moving house checklist and time-line for you to make it a little easier and a whole lot less stressful. 6-4 weeks before the move Create a file dedicated solely to moving documents and […]

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Nov 20

Moving with Children

Relocating to a new home can be stressful, with the life-changing move to a new suburb often difficult for children. It involves getting used to unfamiliar surroundings, leaving friends behind, and adjusting to a different school. There are a variety of ways to help your child make the transition with the minimum of fuss. Talk […]

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Nov 19

Downsizing With Ease

When moving from a large estate to a smaller condominium, downsizing is unavoidable. It can be a tight squeeze to relocate into a smaller space, and while you may have the motivation to toss out or sell unwanted belongings, actually doing it can be difficult. People downsize for a variety of reasons, such as advanced […]

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Oct 25

Vastu Tips for Homes – Positive Energy with Vastu

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a new residence, but when all is said and done, most people make their final decision based on intuition. Several times I have heard new tenants exclaim, “The house felt right for us the moment we walked in the door,” or, as if the house had its […]

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