Looking for reliable, cheap furniture removalist company in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney?

Looking for reliable, cheap furniture removalist company in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney?

Our Furniture Removalist Team

We are a team of well trained, dedicated furniture removalist professionals. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we have scaled our fees to be reasonable and fair. We charge our customers mostly based on hourly rates. We can sometimes, depending on the job’s size and description, offer you a fixed price.


Shopping around


Be aware that when you compare furniture removalist companies in the Sydney region, that sometimes the rates can differ from between $90 per hour up to $160 per hour. As most furniture removalist companies tend to pay their staff from the time they sit in the truck until they get home or back to the office, you will probably pay similar amounts at the end of the day, however the service quality might differ greatly. Also, always ask for the details and especially if there will be extra costs.


Possible furniture removalist extra charges with lower hourly rates:


  • Call out fees
  • Fuel levy
  • Back to base charges
  • Truck usage
  • Credit card surcharge
  • Tolls
  • Heavy lifting ( usually over 80 kgs )
  • Balcony lifting ( overly large items, must be lifted via the balcony using special equipment )
  • Furniture disassembling
  • Furniture re-assembling
  • Public Holiday or Sunday penalty rates


Find out about Hidden Fees

So, be sure to find out if there are any CALL OUT FEES first. If so, ask your furniture removalist for the price of this. – most furniture removalist companies charge these fees to cover the travel costs from head office  to the customer’s address. Cheaper furniture removalist companies charge a FUEL LEVY or BACK TO BASE to cover their costs, however, they usually charge lower hourly rates to attract customers. Some furniture removalist companies charge extra for the TRUCK USAGE. CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE can apply as well if you pay by credit card. TOLLS should be optional, but it often comes as an extra. The customer should have the right to decide whether or not to include toll charges, that is, you can ask the company not to use toll roads, however,  most of the times using toll roads will be much quicker and therefore reduce the hourly rate. HEAVY LIFTING comes with extra charges most of the time, items, such as pianos, safes, aquariums, heavy marble table tops, 50 kg+ pots plants, pool tables and billiard tables.


BALCONY LIFTING: Sometimes a bigger piece of furniture does not fit through the main door or the staircase turns. In these cases furniture removalist specialists perform a safe balcony lift ( up to the 3rd or 4th floor  ) depending on the height of the building. FURNITURE DISASSEMBLING AND RE-ASSEMBLING can be extra with some furniture removalist companies too. SUNDAY / PUBLIC HOLIDAY rates may also apply because workers are, as dictated by Australian Industrial Law, paid penalty wages on these days. So before you make your decision make sure you take all of our suggestions and tips into consideration. Sydney Moving will provide you with a free quote on your upcoming house move. Please feel free to ask us any questions, we will for sure – this is our job!



Final words

Sydney Moving has been proudly moving people around Sydney and interstate for nearly a decade. It is important for us to do our best and receive as many referrals and returning customers as possible. When you want to compare furniture removalist companies make sure you do your research in terms of professionalism and customer service. Google reviews will give you a rough idea about the furniture removalist professionals work attitude and skills. Do not just read the positive reviews but have a look at what people say and read any negatives carefully. If the same issues appear in reviews over and over again and over a long period of time then it’s probably best to avoid that furniture removalist company.
At Sydney Moving we really care about your opinion. We strive to always communicate with our customers with honesty and integrity and we do our utmost to handle your furniture and household items with great care.  We are unique, professional and reliable and we plan to stay that way!

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