10 Tonne Truck Removalists

10 Tonne Truck Removalists

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One of the most common mistakes people make when moving is underestimating the amount of possessions they have. Many people run out of packing boxes, tape and materials before they are even half way through the packing procedure. Whether it’s children’s toys, garden equipment or household goods, everything takes up room and needs to be packed accordingly. The removals truck should also be the right size in order to save you time, money and heartache.
Furniture and possessions come in all shapes and sizes and not everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. If you have a lot of items to move, the first step is to make contact with the moving company. Once they have an understanding of your needs they will suggest the appropriate truck size for the job. A reliable moving company will even come out and visit a day or two earlier to assist with your planning and schedule. Some moving companies are small operators with only one or two medium sized trucks, which is fine for very small moves. However, if you have a 4 bedroom house-load you will soon realise how inadequate the small trucks are.

A truck that is too small will mean making extra trips back and forth, resulting in the customer paying for time rather than the move itself. On the other hand, if the truck is too big you could end up paying for extra personnel or unused space in the truck. Dedicated removalists have an entire fleet of trucks, from small handy-vans to big 10 tonne trucks. There are a lot of advantages in using larger trucks when moving an entire house full of furniture and possessions. There are also a range of related considerations, including parking and access to your home or new premises.


Some advantages of a 10 tonne moving truck

A very large household of belongings, including tools and equipment stored in a garage or shed, will fit in a 10 tonne truck. A reliable moving company ensures the right amount of manpower is dedicated to the job at hand, with three men working as a well oiled team. Some customers baulk at the idea of hiring three men, and think that two will be enough, while saving them money. However, efficiency in packing and loading is where a lot of money will be saved. For example, with three men and a large truck on the job, two removalists will carry belongings while a third will work as a loader inside the truck. There’s a lot more to loading than just shoving things into a corner or stacking furniture in a pile.

Experienced movers use a range of equipment that makes a big house move safe and efficient. They will have trolleys, ramps, hydraulic lifts and a range of blankets and padded materials to ensure your valuable possessions are packed, wrapped and secure. Three men and a large truck are the sensible option for moving large and heavy items such as pianos, billiard tables and heavy pot plants. Let us know if you need extra-heavy items moved, as we will bring along special trolleys that ensure safe guiding. The third man will also come in handy with these heavier items.


Access and parking for the moving truck

Before booking the 10 tonne truck, make sure there are no access or parking difficulties. Inform neighbours at your present and new location if necessary so they can move their vehicles safely off the street and out of harms way. If you are unsure regarding any logistical problems, such as overhanging trees, lifts, stairwells, balconies or narrow access, we can inspect the premises and provide solutions. If there is extra walking/carrying distance the third man will be required, either as another set of strong arms, or by using a transit vehicle to ferry your goods safely from the truck.

Using a large 10 tonne truck for larger households will result in prompt, efficient move carried out according to workplace health and safety guidelines. Your job is simply to inform us of your requirements. A reliable moving company will have you moved and settled in on the same day in time for putting your feet up and celebrating.

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